Tyler Jame$ (@_tjmoneyy)


Have you ever wondered what fuels us as human beings? Not in terms of food and water, but what truly fuels our souls? There is a famous quote that may answer this question for you, “Medicine, law, business, engineering: these are noble and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love… these are what we stay alive for”. These are what fuel us to not only live but to thrive. Music is one of the many art forms that encapsulate poetry, romance, and much more. It comforts us when we are upset, and intensifies us when we are ecstatic. It may be a release from our world to a euphoric dreamland or a boost to keep us grinding and working to better ourselves evermore. And thus, the artists who create such music, are people who we look up to, admire and love, as they incite in us such unique feelings.

Tyler Jame$ is one of these very artists. Based and born in Salt “Ski” Lake City in Utah, US, Tyler is a young multi-genre artist who strives to create the best music he possibly can to inspire and fill his audience with feel-good energy and unique sounds. While being so young he has already become very successful and has garnered many adoring fans in his country as well as in foreign nations, while also becoming one of the forefront leaders in the Utah music scene. Tyler loves immersing himself in his art and is filled with determination to continuously evolve and perfect his music sound. 

Tyler Jame$ has worked with many famous and internationally beloved music artists. He has shared the stage with JTM, the American rapper, and producer, as well as Pink Sweat$ – the American singer and songwriter whose song “Honesty” reach #23 on Spotify’s Global Viral Chart, and #10 on Spotify’s US Viral Chart. Alongside this, Tyler has also been on stage with the famous Drake Bell – who is a musician, singer, and actor best known for his role in “Drake and Josh”. To add on, Tyler’s music has amassed online streams in the hundreds of thousands, and he has performed shows in numerous cities and states all across the US. 

His most recent song, “Dixie Damelio” falls under the pop music genre and exudes a very carefree and easy-going vibe. The song’s catchy tune and memorable lyrics quickly imprint onto the listener and makes one start bobbing their head without even realizing it. This song is perfect to play while one gets ready in the morning, as it immediately puts you in a good and lighthearted mood. One of his other famous songs “Miss you”, has a much more somber and emotional sound as Tyler recalls memories and feelings of an old lover throughout it. The instrumentals behind his vocals are much more soft and fragile sounding – which adds to the raw and deep feeling of the song. These are just two songs out of many that show Tyler’s ability to be diverse while also creating the best sounding music he can. All of his music is also available on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and dozens of other sites. 

Moreover, Tyler has a very particular mindset which has kept him as motivated and dedicated as he has been throughout his music career. Initially, Tyler would look back at his old music and feel a sense of disappointment – feeling that they were not up to his standards, then he realized that he needed to create that music to evolve into where he is today – Tyler now knows he is making some of his best sounding music ever. He has said on his Instagram, which currently has over 3.6K followers, “If you feel like your previous work isn’t that good, you’re doing it right. Improving on every track, and working on your craft.” This is the mark of an artist not doing what he does to fill his bank account, but rather to fuel himself and others of feelings of love, romance as well as poetry and beauty, to enlighten our world for the better! To continue to stay engaged and up to date with Tyler Jame$, his social media has been linked below to explore and follow: 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_tjmoneyy/

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