Romain Green (@romaing876)


Nolan Bushnell states, “The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.” And this statement is true because an entrepreneur does more and talks less and he/she never wastes his/her time in idle gossips and dreaming of being successful. Those who want to be successful entrepreneurs work untiringly towards achieving their business goals. True Entrepreneurs don’t think of settling, don’t think of stopping, and don’t think about laziness because real entrepreneurs have mastered self-discipline, hard work, hustle, and improvement. True entrepreneurs don’t care about its Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday all they care about is the time they have got to accomplish their dream, to turn them into reality. In this connection, this article introduces you to a successful entrepreneur whose name is Romain Green.

Romain Green resides in Oklahoma City, United States of America. He is a multi-talented and multi-dimensional person who besides being an entrepreneur is a renowned YouTuber. According to him, entrepreneurship has always been in his blood because he has a natural tendency towards business since his childhood. In his early days, he just enjoyed making money and this made him step into entrepreneurship. When he was 18 years old he began delivering sand and gravel and then he used his father’s dump truck to deliver loads. Currently, he is a CEO and co-founder of Outlaw Logistics LLC ( – dry bulk delivery company-deregulated markets (Oklahoma, Texas, Connecticut, Illinois, and New Hampshire). Additionally, Romain Green, besides trusting himself and his abilities, believes in hard work. In this respect, he is of the view that those who do not work and strive hard to achieve their business goals can never succeed in their respective businesses. That’s why he burns the midnight oil to be at the acme of his business career. He is always ready for anything that comes to his ways and never misses an opportunity. He uses his talents, skills, ideas, the power to become more he and never leaves any stone unturned to achieve his desired goals. Owing to his strong commitment, dedication, and determination, he has been a successful entrepreneur and has received a lot of recognition. 

In addition to this, Romain Green is an optimist who loves to be surrounded by open and like-minded people. His approach towards life has always been positive and that’s why he does not think of negativity. He focuses on the positive and brighter aspects of life and always hopes for the best. He dislikes being with conservatives and pessimists. He even does not pay heed to negativity and negative views around him because he is well aware of the fact that negativity not only discourages people but also distracts them from their path to success and having their peace of mind. Additionally, his life has always been full of fun and enjoyment because of his jolly nature. He is always found with a smile shining over his face. 

Despite being busy in pursuing his profession and chasing his dreams, he has successfully learned how to manage his personal, professional, and social life simultaneously. He loves his family a lot and is found to have a good time with them. As a social person, he has strong social networking and communicative skills. Thus he not only wants to be in social gatherings but also likes to interact with people around him. He has a charming, attractive, and influencing personality with an impressive lifestyle which makes him a lovable and adorable person. Moreover, he has always been against racism in all its forms and wants everyone to live in harmony and peace. He is found active on his social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. He has a huge fan following and that can be known from the fact that he has amassed thousands of followers on his Instagram and Facebook account. He on his YouTube channel has 8.19k subscribers. More can be learned about this versatile personality if he is followed on his social media accounts and subscribed on his YouTube channel; the links to which are given below.




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