Renaissance Speed, LLC (@renaissancespeed)


Renaissance Speed, LLC is an aftermarket performance company that is dedicated solely to McLaren’s performance and racing. Their research and development have resulted in the culmination of several exclusives on the platforms and not to mention have won McLarens several world records. They are a prominent vendor for the top McLaren internet forum,, and have around thirty resellers and partners who promote, educate, and distribute their products to companies all around the globe.

At Renaissance Speed, they are very driven to creating new components. Every new platform for them is a new challenge that puts their engineering skills to the test and pushes them to pursue the best possible results. For every problem, the company strives to achieve a solution that is created with little to no compromise. They are passionate about performance and keep pushing the limits to do better. At Renaissance Speed, engineering excellence meets ingenuity, the team dreams of machines, innovation, and improvements constantly. The solutions they offer are bred for pushing the limits of performance while keeping reliability in mind. The quality of their products is guaranteed as they over-build and under promise to ensure the best possible driving experience for their clients. A product doesn’t earn a Renaissance Speed badge unless it is proven to last. They have also built relationships with the best, most reputable companies in the industry to provide the top-quality supporting components, which are selected, researched, and tested thoroughly for maximum customer satisfaction.

Renaissance Speed began its mission in 2015, which is when McLaren first approached them. McLaren cars have always been known for being technological and aesthetic inspirations, so they embarked on their journey with great zeal to make the car masterpieces of machinery. After thorough analysis, they identified some shortcomings and made several modifications that drastically increased the performance of the cars. Their out of the box thinking yielded solutions that could not be found on shelves, nothing would remain stock but was modified for optimal performance. Their dedication and highest quality of work earned them the trust and respect of their clients. Not only that, but Renaissance Speed also achieved many milestones and won McLaren multiple world records as well!

 In 2018, Renaissance Speed attended its first WannaGoFast and secured second place at 169 mph. During the event, they also ran a VBox verified 4.8 sec 60-130 mph run which was another World Record. In early 2019, they attended the WannaGoFast event in South Florida and took second place once again, not only that but they also set a new world record at 177 mph despite various setbacks. AMS Performance also came out to P1 Performance cars to dyno tune their Pure900 setup and they managed to yet set another world record at 832 rwhp! In late 2019, Renaissance Speed went back to the dyno with DynoSpectrum and broke the world record of any McLaren with 1,042 rear wheel horsepower. In 2020, Renaissance Speed became the exclusive McLaren dealer for Forgeline’s Beadlock wheels.

In addition to their sterling reputation in their industry, Renaissance Speed is also very active on various social media platforms. They can be found on Instagram under @renaissancespeed where they have over ten thousand followers. Here, they share with their followers exclusive behind the scene shots showcasing their latest projects, their process, and the team. They can also be found on YouTube under Renaissance Speed where they post cool videos of their various projects, their amazing features as well as the performance of the cars on the road.

The sheer passion, dedication, and hard work, that Renaissance Speed puts into all its projects, is apparent from all that it has achieved in just a short five years. They work with incredible precision and thoroughness. When working on machinery, they touch every component from bolt to block and carefully consider each aspect of every build for maximum possible perfection. They continue to earn the trust of their clients not through words or marketing but their actions, records, and results.

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