Paul Miller (@paulmjr_)


Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is often considered the most globalized profession in the world of sports. There are some large football firms like Manchester United, Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Inter Milan or Arsenal London and then there are the other national and international clubs.  Aldershot Town Football Club, which is also known as The Shots, is a professional association football club based in Aldershot, Hampshire in England. The club is considered to be prestigious and was found in 1992. The club is on the fifth tier in the National League of English Football and has competed in the Football league. One of the hardworking and extremely passionate players from this team is Paul Miller.

Paul is a first-year scholar at the Aldershot Town FC. He plays as the midfielder, which is an essential position in the team because it is his job to make sure that the ball reaches the front and constantly driving the ball both in defense and in the attack. Paul has superior vision, control, and technical skills- that is why he plays the position of a midfielder. It is his responsibility to make crosses through the ball and head knockdowns to teammates. Paul is responsible for setting the tempo of the game and lead by example. He enjoys playing a fundamental role in the game and considers Aldershot to be the best club for him to develop his skills in at this moment in time.

In the current world, our societies have become so dispersed and young people are yearning for direction and longing for social connections. and that is why football is more important than ever. It teaches young men not just teamwork but the values of each individual’s role on the team. Everyone on the team needs to do their best to win and for this, you are required to rely on one another and bring in the trust element. The ramification for society is people picking each other up and not put them down, and this is exactly what Paul believes in. He is more than a footballer; he is a team player who extends his sympathy and love for his fellow players. Paul asks his brothers to pick each other from their lows and celebrate each other’s victories and successes. It often is seen that the effects of patriarchy are far more extensive and it affects men too. Paul understands the repercussions and encourages his male friends of color to commemorate and honor each other. In a world that is always too busy tearing each other down and spreading negativity, Paul goes out of his way to nurse a society where men build each other up and support each other unconditionally. 

Like achieving excellence in most professions, football also requires utmost dedication and hard work. It takes many hours of physical labor every day, but Paul is not hesitant to work hard. He enjoys being in the field and focusing on the goal. It makes him feel like he’s on top of the world. His zeal for the game is exuded in his mannerism and has been inspiring a lot of young boys to play more actively and to take football more seriously. Paul has a lot of fan-following and his pictures playing football are being posted on many active social media platforms that draw attention towards his abilities and techniques. 

Football is more than just a game; it takes persistent diligence and motivation to work your way upwards and embellish one’s reputation. Paul realizes he has a lot of competition in the field, but he has already started to make a good reputation and has earned himself dedicated fans that look up to him for inspiration. Paul believes in hard work and in supporting his fellow players. He doesn’t believe in tearing other people down to win at life. If anyone wants to look him up for aspiration, here is his Instagram link:


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