Paolo Dughero (@shakerec)


Shake Records is an independent record company. It is based in Cigana, Genoa in Italy and was established in September 2001 by the musician and producer Paolo Dughero. This company is home of international artists such as CORONA who is the singer of ‘The Rhythm Of The Night’ who had sold more than 12 million copies around the world in the  ’90s, William Naraine (Double You the singer of ‘Please Don’t Go’), Yuma, Alberto Ciccarini, Coral and many others. Shake Records is a well-known label in the music industry and the company had an exclusive agreement with Warner Chappell Italy for 13 years. This company has been in the music industry for 20 years and had collaborations and deal with labels such as Universal, Sony, Warner, Ultra Records, Armada Music, etc.  The company has its YouTube Channel with the logo of Shake Records TV which is a Pop, Dance, Electronic, and House channel. On this channel, one can find all new Shake releases and more. 


Besides establishing Shake Records, Paolo Dughero also founded ‘Dughero Paolo Edizioni Musicali’ in March 2004. This is an Italian publishing company. The catalog with more than 1500 titles includes international and Italian hits. Paolo Dughero himself is a musical artist. He has been attracted to music since his childhood and with the passage of time, his interest in music got intensified which led him to step into the music industry. As he is creative, talented, and has a captivating voice so it was natural for him to join the music industry without any hesitation. Music for him is not only his profession but has been his passion. That’s why he burnt the midnight oil to be at this stage. Owing to his commitment and strong determination, he not only succeeded in his music career but also established his own producing, recording, and publishing companies. He has years of experience in the music industry that’s what makes him a very skillful artist. His company Shake Records has been one of the leading companies in the music industry in Italy because it produces the songs of the best artists in the country.  All songs produced by it are worth listening to. The artists working in the company have a captivating voice and the ability to move anyone on the floor with their mesmerizing music. That’s why the company’s produced and published songs are widely listened to and liked. Owing to the quality of the music produced by Shake Records, the circle of its listeners is swelling with each passing day. Thus Paolo Dughero and his companies have been popular and received a lot of recognition over time.

In addition to this, Paolo Dughero is gregarious who loves social gatherings and spending quality time with his friends. He even likes interacting with people and wants himself to be surrounded by optimists. He is a positive-minded artist who focuses on the brighter aspects of his life. His approach to life has always been a positive one. He has strong social networking and communicative skills. He is found active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter where he has accounts with the username of his company ‘Shake Records’. He himself manages those pages and has a huge fan following. This can be witnessed from the fact that he on his Shake Records Company’s Instagram account has been able to amass 17.5K followers, and 67,833 followers on the Facebook page. His YouTube channel Shake Records TV has 2K subscribers. Through social media platforms, he keeps updating his fans and followers about new releases by his company. More can be learned about his company Shake Records and its releases if it is followed on all social media platforms and subscribed to its YouTube channel. The links to its accounts and channel are given below.



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