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The Neighbourhood is a digital marketing agency that is also Australia’s topmost rated Diamond Hubspot Partner. The Neighbourhood specialises mainly in marketing sales and customer service. As they do their work, they believe in the fact that long term things matter more than short term decisions. They are not interested in just generating leads or selling to a given list like a lot of other digital marketing companies would. For a lot of such companies, getting a  specific number of clicks on a website is the ultimate goal. This is not the case for the Neighbourhood who make sure to carefully construct the customer journey and explore all avenues that are possible to add value and grow revenue for all of their clients.

The Neighbourhood was founded by Trav White who is both the founder and the managing director of the company. He has had an experience of more than sixteen years in the field as he previously owned his very own creative agency and worked with marketing and sales. From his extensive experience, he has realised that large businesses are not the best at humanising their marketing communications and thus Neighbourhood was born with the primary aim being helping its clients to achieve long-lasting relationships with their customers White is also huge on long-term businesses and he fully believes that clear communication and friendship is the most important aspect in the field.

Neighbourhood works in such a way that they break the services that they specialise in into three broad, blanket categories: Marketing, Sales, and Service. For marketing particularly, they believe in the fact that marketing should not be solely focused on advertisement spending and settling for any traffic. For Neighbourhood, marketing is about honing in on the right target market and getting just the right customers for their clients who will help their businesses grow further and give them the ability to solve their problems. Neighbourhood helps their clients find their perfect customers then develop ads to lure them in and develop the content tailored to how the customers would want. Their websites are also extremely carefully designed to impress the customers and show them that that business is the best for them. For Neighbourhood, marketing is not what everyone believes it to be but rather is about creating a caring relationship between a business and its customers.

When it comes to Sales, Neighbourhood puts special focus on automation and lead qualification so that they can train and guide their clients’ exiting sales team on how to effectively identify the opportunities that would work the best for the business. Through this, businesses’ time is saved and their existing teams work more efficiently as Neighbourhood equips them with the right set of tools to achieve their maximum potential. For their service element, Neighbourhood works so that they prioritize their clients’ existing customers over anything else as they consider them the biggest assets to a business. these customers show longevity and trust in a business and can be a way for indirect marketing where they tell other people how good a brand is. This is the primary reason why Neighbourhood does not just stop at getting the first sale but works on getting repeated sales for their clients so that customers keep coming back for more and more.

Neighbourhood is a one-of-a-kind business whose client base varies from small, owner-operated business to large, multinational manufacturing businesses which are based overseas. They also cover a wide variety of industries and business types. With all these businesses, Neighbourhood has always made it as sure to work very closely alongside them to make success possible. This sets Neighbourhood apart from other similar businesses and the reason why they were awarded Australia’s top-rated Hubspot Diamond Partner. One can follow Neighbourhood on their Instagram at the handle or the founder, Trav White at the handle @travhandle.

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