Mondello Park (@mondellopark)


Motorsport is a term that is used globally to encompass all sporting events involving the use of motorized vehicles. It is a high stake game and can be very dangerous without the proper resources and equipment. The term motorsports and Mondello Park go arm in arm. They have been operating since 1968 and are one of Ireland’s biggest sporting venues. Prior to the opening of Mondello Park, all racing in Ireland took place on public roads. This was proven to be very dangerous for the drivers as well as the general public. The opening of this circuit was a game-changer for the world of motorsports in Ireland. Mondello Park is Ireland’s only FIA approved race track

Mondello Park is famous for its amazing resources and management. They have expertly designed tracks that are optimal for racing. This Park has had the opportunity to host several motor sporting events since its inception, The circuit had the honor of hosting European F5000 events in its early years which attracted massive crowds and launched the circuit on an international level. Mondello has also hosted the EFDA Euroseries for FF2000 and then Formula Opel cars. But the list doesn’t end there, the track also hosted British and European championship motorcycle races.


The main vision for Mondello Park has always been growth, they are always looking for opportunities to expand the business into new territories.  Their International track was officially opened in September 1998. It was inaugurated with a round of the EuroBOSS series for Formula One cars. Following the creation of the new International Circuit, Mondello park introduced new international level pits, control tower, and medical center with state of the art equipment. They also introduced hospitality suites with race track views specially designed to cater to all needs, whether it is a corporate conference, a class, or a banquet Mondello can do it all. They have an amazing industrial kitchen with an experienced culinary staff which is equipped with the skills to cater to any and all requirements.

Mondello Park has hosted several product launches and team building events. The main reason why Mondello park has been able to gain so much success in the world of event hosting is the plethora of activities they offer. Activities such as Virtual Race Academy, clay pigeon shooting and archery, cookery demonstrations, and yoga classes allow for a unique and distinctive event. These activities help in boosting team morale and gives the customers an unparalleled experience. Mondello Park is renowned for its event hosting services, their events are guaranteed to leave their customers satisfied. Mondello always makes sure to give their clients the best possible experience which is why they are one of the most highly regarded names for hosting corporate events in Ireland

Mondello Park also provides its customers with the facility of fleet training courses. The courses are specially designed to tailor to each customer’s needs. The on-track training includes on road awareness training and distracted driving training, while their virtual driving academy helps drivers prepare for things like extreme weather conditions and load-bearing.

Mondello’s ability to move forward with the times and mold their business model in order to meet the needs and requirements of their customers is what has helped them maintain their reputation and keep the business afloat. Their ability to adapt has helped them keep pace with the times. Even after all these years Mondello park is still thriving and attracting new clients every day. Their rich profusion of services is what has helped them make a name for themselves in the ever so competitive world of event management as well as motorsports. Their sheer dedication to providing their customers with the best possible experience gives them an edge over their counterparts. Mondello Park has shown time and time again how motivated and driven their vision is. You can keep up with this incredible venture by following their Instagram @mondellopark

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