Moiz Ul Haq (@69cottoncandy)


There is no denying the fact that science and technology have revolutionized the world and in this post-modern era; modern-day life is built around the usage of technology. Rarely anyone is found who does not know about technology and digital games. People across the globe have started relying on technology. As a result of society’s heavy dependence on it, Digital games have become popular among people who are “technologically advanced.” Today hardly anyone is found who after work prefers playing physical games but the majority of the people love staying at home and enjoy playing games on their technological gadgets.  People like computer games because these help them to develop imagination, logic, memory, and mathematical skills. In this respect, Jane McGonigal very beautifully says, “A game is an opportunity to focus our energy, with relentless optimism, at something we’re good at (or getting better at) and enjoy. In other words, the gameplay is the direct emotional opposite of depression.” She is very much true in her saying because people playing games not only enjoy it but also remain away from falling prey to depression. In this connection, this article introduces you to a young and talented person whose name is Moiz Ul Haq. 

Moiz Ul Haq is a multi-talented and multi-dimensional person. He is a gamer and besides playing games he is a photographer too. He has been attracted to gaming and photography since his childhood and both of these with the passage of time have become his passion. He loves and enjoys playing games and taking photographs. His interest in digital games was developed when his sister gifted him with a personal computer for playing games. Since then he has been in this field. He has become a skilful gamer and photographer over time.  It won’t be an exaggeration if he is called an artist because photography in itself is an art and playing digital games is not as easy as it seems to be. In addition to this, Moiz UL Haq is a person who trusts his abilities and skills. He is well aware of the fact that hard work in every field pays off and those who do not strive and work hard will never be at the acme of their career. That’s why Moiz ul Haq works day in and day out to be a professional gamer and a renowned photographer. Owing to his commitment, dedication, and strong determination, he has been to the stage where he always wanted to be. Other gamers and photographers around him always appreciate his skills of playing games and his art of photography.  

Furthermore, Moiz UL Haq believes in being a positive and open-minded person who always tries to focus on the brighter and happier moments of life. His approach towards life has always been the positive one and he never wants himself to be overwhelmed by negative views because he is well aware of the fact that negativity in all its forms not only discourages a person but also distracts him/her from his/her path to success.  Additionally, he is gregarious who not only likes being in the company of people but also loves having interaction with them. He even loves going to social events. Besides this, he is always found enjoying his life because of his jolly nature. He knows the art of making his moments memorable. 

Despite being busy in his gaming and the art of photography, he has successfully managed his personal, professional, and social life at the same time. He is found active on a social media platform like Instagram. Because of his strong social networking and communicative skills, he has a huge fan following. This can be known from the fact that he on his Instagram account has been able to amass hundreds of followers in no time. With each passing day, the number of his fans and followers is increasing. More can be learned about this successful gamer and renowned photographer if he is followed on his Instagram account. The link to his Instagram account is given below. Instagram:

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