Mary Nugent (@marybnugent)


As human beings, we understand that abstract things such as emotions, feelings, memories, and moments are all fleeting. More than anything, there is an incessant need and a wish to preserve precious memories and any other moments that you wish you could relive or freeze in time. The only way humans have been able to come close to achieving this is by developing photography and having platforms on the internet where these memories can be preserved in the form of pictures. They are a convenient, contemporary, and timeless means of cherishing memories in a manner that is permanent and safe. 

Photographers deserve real respect and acknowledgment! Although everyone has the freedom to go around and snap a picture or two, photographers are professional and more qualified to do so. They have a talent and a grace that sets them apart from every other person trying to take a good photo. Of course, that isn’t to say their pictures are not good quality, because a moment can be preserved even if it is not taken by a professional. Pictures taken in the spur of a moment are raw and carry a different type of sentiment. 

One such individual who deserves the same acknowledge is Mary Nugent. Like every other person who decides to follow their dreams and pursue what they are passionate about, Mary followed suit and worked to become a photographer. Starting small, she began with photographing nature and things that were around her and anything that could teach her how to get a sense of angles and the basics of photography. She also had a keen interest in taking selfies from her phone, and that developed into her wanting to take pictures of other people around her and the things around her. 

Being a travel and art fanatic, she would also actively and beautifully document moments from her trips that she wanted to keep with her. This included public spaces like parks, buildings, lakes, small local cafes, etc. She loves doing arts and crafts and would take pictures of those crafts in a step-by-step fashion so it could become a keepsake that would never fade or die out. For Mary, taking photographs and wanting to become a photographer truly started out as a means to lock her memories in a period of time, so it could become an anecdote and something she could refer back to and remember the good memories attached to it and how she felt at that moment in time. 

What started as a hobby for her slowly turned into a burning passion and something she wanted to pursue professionally, which she did. She itched to polish her skills and develop her talent, which she did not long ago by photographing her home town and its picturesque locations, greenery, and its beauty. She did so for articles and newspapers, allowing her to get recognized by locals for promoting her hometown. She also did this to build her portfolio, which she also displays on her Instagram (@marybnugent). Her profile is a gallery of the colorful, perfectly composed, and aesthetically pleasing shots she has taken of things that she likes. These include nature, wildlife, landmarks, and public spaces. She has expertly showcased them on her profile, and as you scroll, you see the progress she has made and how much she has improved as a photographer. Shots of the sky painted in gorgeous colors, animals, closeup shots of flowers and insects are all visible on her profile, which is all proof of how she has worked to realizing her dreams.


As she has shown visible growth in her skill, she wishes to further herself through social media to become more recognized as a photographer. She mainly uses Instagram (@marybnugent) as it is tailored to her needs to show her shots that also act as her portfolio, and she has already gathered an impressive number of followers. Let’s all show our support to budding artists who are up and coming in their respective industries. 

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