Jonathan Shea Terry (@jonathan.shea.terry)


Ideas, vision, plan, knowledge of market signals and gaps, perception of marketing tactics, and a unique selling point from competitors charismatically blend to cook up an entrepreneur but the most important ingredient, when it comes to a successful entrepreneur, is determination and diligence. Filled to the brim with all these elements, Mr. Jonathan Shea Terry, currently, a resident of League City, Texas, has unequivocally assisted numerous companies and entrepreneurs, in the United States of America and beyond, to rise and stay competitive and innovative in this ever-advancing era of technology.

Jonathan Shea Terry was born in the city of Baytown, Texas, and studied at Sterling High School. He completed his graduation from San Jacinto College and gathered miscellaneous and functional commercial experience from different industries after his college. He worked as a carpenter at Marathon Petroleum Corporation, one of the largest petroleum refiners, marketers and transporters in the United States. Moreover, he served as a Utility Technician at Ports America, Inc. Also had the pleasure of being a Financial Service Representative (FSR) at National Service Associates, an Insurance Broker service firm of the United States.

Since a young age, Jonathan dreamt of being an entrepreneur and to apply his expertise to being his boss rather than working for someone. Soon his self-discipline, persistence, and quality work in the least time led him into climbing ultimate steps of success and Jonathan laid the foundations of his own business; Terry Tech Co.LLC. The company aims to provide cost-effective field solutions for leading corporations regarding any untimely problems in everyday business or any technical or managerial glitches in ongoing or upcoming projects of firms. 

Terry Tech Company addresses a diverse range of complications and specifications either it’s a rollout involving thousands of locations or a service ticket for a single property. Streamlining other companies’ operations and keeping them updated with innovative models in the technical field, Terry Tech company ensures timely completion of work with irreproachable, faultless workmanship that keeps its vast and extensive customer base satisfied.

With its impeccable performance and methodical services and installation of tech products, Terry Tech has effectively executed over 200,000 site visits at more than 68,000 unique locations throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, and Canada strengthening the company’s profile in diverse operations. One of the most interesting experiences Jonathan had the pleasure of, being the President of Terry Tech, was availing the golden chance to program and station ATMs in the 2017 Super Bowl in Houston where they had the opportunity to be acquainted with famous American Football players.

Apart from greasing the wheels of the business world Jonathan also got an eye for music. Being a producer in the music industry Jonathan is blessed as the CEO of Prime Conflict, composing and launching music in manifold genres, collaborating with countless musicians and Houston musical artists. Spreading joy and ecstasy between people by playing the strings of his music Jonathan marked his footsteps on a musical journey picking those precious pebbles of memories that he won’t even trade for the whole world. 

Honouring his passion in music together with testing his capabilities in the commercial sphere Jonathan doubtlessly dedicated his life to hard work and commitment in a dream to look back on his life from the future and take pride in his adventures and risk-taking ability that boosted him to the status where he is standing today. Jonathan’s zealousness for his business and an ambition to prove himself are undoubtedly priceless. He wants his followers to stay tuned as his venture further plans on establishing two more companies expanding his business ring. 

Master of precise business acumen and the entrepreneurial ability to bounce back, Jonathan fastened his seatbelt on a ride to loads of accomplishments, touring innumerable cities and states including Chicago, Washington DC, Norfolk, Maryland, New Orleans, Colorado, Las Vegas, Boston, Florida, Knoxville, The Bahamas, and many others. In harmony with his lively personality, these journeys allowed him to run into new people and cultures, explore several party spots with friends around the world, give a shot to distinct cuisines, and have a whale of a time in lavish hotels.

To know more about his adventures and Terry Tech services you can follow him on Instagram @jonathan.shea.terry or @terrytechco or Twitter @Sheasworld. Moreover, you can visit his Facebook ID @SheaTheIncredible.

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