Dr. Ryan William Delamater (@dr.rwd)


Some people deal with heartbreak in destructive ways, as when one’s heart is broken, they set out to numb the pain in ways that end up causing them harm. But there are a select few who take their abundance of emotion and deal with it in a healthy manner. This sometimes leads them to do great things, things that they would otherwise not have come across. They channel their empathy into the greater good. 

It began with a bicycle ride. Dr. Ryan Delamater set on his bicycle one day after a painful divorce and his goal was to go all the way from the scenic wilds of the Canadian backwoods to the tropical highlands of South America. He rode a total of over 10,000 miles through ten countries on his bicycle from Canada to Colombia. It opened his eyes to how people all across the globe were suffering, and that his heartbreak in front of the pain and hardships seemed like a small thing. He came to know that people don’t have clean water in a little village in El Salvador and he started to take surf trips there with his friends to help.

A man close to God and religion, he had deep compassion and love for humanity. Hence, together with his friends, he started an initiative to install an Ocean Based Clean Water Platform named OCNWTR that would distribute 360 Gallons of clean drinking water a day from the Ocean. This is enough water for 300 people a day in Palmarcito and its surrounding areas.

Along with this system, he and his friends Paco and Tessi Morales started a local church where people come to eat, skate, drink clean water, and talk about the Bible. In May 2019, He and his wife Maria Cruz began OCNWTR Churches in San Clemente, California as well as in Palmarcito, El Salvador. 

The main aim of these churches was the same; along with providing food, water, and a place to practice religion and talk about their love for the Holy Spirit, they also sought to bring ocean-based water solutions as a church planting platform. They did so by having group church meetings at local coffee shops, with one objective; to pool their resources to plant churches and provide free clean drinking water to people.

As their mission statement states: “Disciples making disciples & planting churches that plant churches.”

OCNWTR also has a simple strategy that anyone can do to lead a more fulfilling life, one that consists of giving back to the community. It is an easy five-step guideline ranging from daily to weekly to monthly personal planning. The strategy is available free of cost and can be followed by anyone who wishes to do so.

They aim to plant churches at five-thousand locations worldwide so that people all over the world can have access to absolutely free drinking water directly from the ocean. They will do this by making a large network of home and coffee shop-based churches that go on trips to preach their values and to fund more and more ocean-based water systems.  In the near future, their goals include the “Indonesia March” in 2021 and before that, a trip to Mongla, Bangladesh to start an OCNWTR church there. Both these trips can be joined by anyone who wants to help the beautiful cause at their own expense, and the signing up process can easily be accessed on their website ocnwtr.com.

It is awe-inspiring to see how one person’s initiative can bring so many people together to work for a good cause. It goes exceptionally far to show how empathy and compassion still exist in humankind and how, if given the opportunity, countless people will come forward to play their part. Dr. Delamater himself has said that ever since he has started, not a week has gone by that a young person has come to ask how they can help. After all, if we are to even hope to make the world a better place to live in, every single one of us must use their resources to help.

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