Coco Hamad (@cocosthoughts)


Junot Diaz says, “A writer is a writer not because she writes well and easily, because she has an amazing talent, or because everything she does is golden. A writer is a writer because, even when there is no hope, even when nothing you do shows any sign of promise, you keep writing anyway.” And he is very much true in his saying because a writer can write on anything in any situation because the writer is always lost in imagination and keeps finding ideas to write on. Writing is not as easy as it seems to be because it is an art and a craft that needs to be developed through deliberate practice and study over a long period of time. Additionally, writers are never fully satisfied with their work. They always feel that they can do better and that their best piece is yet to be written. In this connection, this article introduces you to a very creative writer namely Coco Hammad.

Coco Hammad is from NewYork and she by profession is a writer. She has been fond of reading and writing since her childhood and used to spend her time reading quality books. There is no denying the fact that writing comes from reading and all writers throughout the world are voracious readers and so is Coco Hammad. Those who do not read can never be able to write. Reading teaches a person how and what to write. Coco Hammad keeps reading and has become a renowned writer over time. She like other writers writes for the public and wants to share her thoughts and ideas with the masses at large. Her written thoughts and ideas are liked and appreciated by readers across the globe. 

In addition to this, Coco Hammad has just taken to social media platforms for sharing her written ideas and thoughts with her followers from every nook and corner of the world. She intends to continue to build on her social media accounts and share many more of her ideas with her fans and followers. If her Instagram account is visited one will come across her shared thoughts and ideas which are worth reading. From her shared ideas, one can come to know about her artistic mind and creativity. Besides this, she is a lady who trusts herself and keeps working and striving hard to bring the best out of her in her every write-up. She keeps furnishing her skills and is of the view that hard work always pays off and those who don’t put their sincere efforts into pursuing their passion can never reach the pinnacle of success. That’s why Coco Hammad works day in and day out to be a well-read writer. 


Furthermore, she is an optimistic lady who believes in focusing on the brighter and happier moments of life. Her approach towards life and the world at large has always been the positive one. She as a writer has a broad vision and is open-minded. She takes a keen interest in traveling because traveling provides her with a chance to explore the world and learn more about different people living in different parts of the world. She is also well aware of the fact that traveling has tremendous educative, informative, and social value and it widens people’s mental horizon. 

Apart from this Coco Hammad’s personality has always been very charming, attractive, and influencing. She has a very simple and impressive lifestyle. Despite being busy in her profession, she has been able to create a balance between her personal, professional, and social life. She has a huge fan following and that can be witnessed from the fact that on her Instagram account she has amassed 21K followers in no time. More can be learned about this talented artist if he is followed on her social media accounts. The links to her accounts are given below.



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