Stephen Gonzalez (@prophecys9)


Stephen Gonzales is an independent musician based in Orlando, Florida. He has studied audio engineering from SAE in Manhattan and has produced and recorded many projects. However, he is currently focusing on songwriting and recording. He is also very multi-talented and has self-taught himself many things and likes to do them independently. Some of his favorite rappers are Eminem, Nas, and 50 cents and they have inspired him. He has a growing fan base and he hopes to become a positive role model, especially for the youth from his hometown. 

He grew up in Haverstraw, New York, and always had a knack for music and began making music when he was 9. At the age of 11, he decided he wanted to become a rapper after he heard the Eminem Show Album by Eminem. He grew up without a father, in a poor neighborhood and had a tough relationship with his mother, which meant that he could relate to Eminem’s music. Since he wanted to pursue music as a career, he decided to study audio engineering at SAE (School of Audio Engineering). This opened up many opportunities for him and he was able to produce, record, mix and master many different projects. However, he recently decided to step away from the production side to focus on releasing his music. 

His childhood was tough and he grew up in an area where it was common for the young people to get into illegal activities and eventually end up in jail. However, Stephen’s passion for music and his commitment meant that he was able to make it out and did not end up like the typical youth from his area. He is also currently working a full-time job at Orlando Health Hospital. He hopes that his own story and success can act as an inspiration for children from his community. And he strongly hopes that he can influence them to lead better lives and not go down the path of crime. He is not only super talented but cares deeply about the wellbeing of his community.

He started Stict9 Record$ with 3 other friends of his. These 3 members were friends of his from childhood; Primary Object, Franchise, and Koove Y.O.T. He met Koove in New York when they were both in the 9th grade and he met Object and Franchise when he was 11 and living in Florida for 3 years. The name “Strict9” was inspired by the poison strychnine from a late-night mysteries show about a man using strychnine to kill his victims. 

His first album was called Drama City 3 and it came out in 2015. He released the album in stores and on streaming services. Since the first album, he has also released many music videos and singles. However, now he is working on a new album called “La Influencia” which he plans on releasing late 2020 or early 2021. This album has a much larger budget and will create a greater impact. His first album had helped him establish his Official Vevo account and he now hopes the new album will help grow his following further. One of his most popular songs is called “Alone With You” and it is a very emotional love song that has touched the hearts of many. 

Stephen can be found on Instagram as @prophecys9 and he uses it as a platform to share his work and snippets from his personal life. A recent post of his is about his new single “Real Life”. He has also shared pictures of his wife and other family members. Most of his pictures are accompanied by uplifting and interesting captions.

Stephen is a multi-talented individual who has produced music that is unique and enjoyable. He is also committed to being a good role model for young people in his community. While he is professionally qualified as an audio engineer, he has many other skills also, most of which are self-taught. He will surely go far in the world of music and will make a name for himself.

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