Ryan Harper (@harpoon_official_)


Ryan Harper, known by his stage name as Harpoon, is a DJ and Music Producer based in Australia. He has been in the music industry for some time now and has been excelling ever since. He creates fresh and unique electronic dance music, usually featuring an incredible vocalist on the track. He has been topping Australian charts and touring across many countries ever since.

Ryan was not always too sure of the path he would end up on. He and his friends were always very fond of music, particularly electronic dance music. Ryan loved the way that he could get lost to the sound of a good song. He enjoyed the feeling his favorite songs would give, how it could help get him through any rough day. As he got older, he and his friends would often dance the night away to such upbeat songs.

Ryan decided to try out DJing and music production as it fascinated him so much. He got a hold of the equipment he needed and started learning how to create the perfect sound. After much effort and determination, he was able to create his first-ever song. He asked his friends and family to listen and they were completely shocked at how good it sounded. Thus, Ryan was encouraged to launch his own music career and he did just that.

He began producing music regularly, trying out new sounds and slowly but surely getting recognition. In the last few years, however, Ryan’s releases have been doing extremely well. People enjoy the upbeat and happy energy of his songs; they are exciting and fun to listen to. When he dropped one of his songs a few years ago, it started picking up instantly, soon topping the Australian charts. Ryan was thrilled, he felt his career was finally taking the direction he so wished to see it take.

Following that song, he released two more over the past two years and both have also topped the charts. One of his songs, “In Your Mind,” which is a fast-upbeat song with beautiful vocals, topped the charts and stood at Number 1 for three consecutive weeks. Ryan was so excited as he was also gaining followers and fans on his social media accounts. In addition to this, Ryan’s music has been receiving a lot of support from Spotify and Apple Music as he has been featured in many of their editorial playlists. Ryan recently released his latest single, Enjoying the View.

Currently, Ryan has over 18.2k followers on Instagram alone. He is also very active on other social media platforms such as Facebook. His music is available for streaming on all major platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Tidal Music, and many more. He makes sure to uploads a variety of content very regularly so that he can keep his fans engaged and wanting more.

Ryan’s Instagram page is very unique. He has made sure to upload photos that are eye-catching and exciting to look at with very vibrant colors. He shares his day to day life with his followers which shows him out with loved ones. He also uses his Instagram to promote his latest work. He uploads posters and snippets of his latest releases so that his followers can easily find out exactly what he has been up to.

Before the pandemic, Ryan was being invited to perform at many different events. He knows exactly how to hype up the crowd when he is on stage. Being on stage and seeing the reaction of the crowd is a very fulfilling experience for Ryan. He has toured many different international spots such as Bali, Thailand, Fiji, Greece, and many more. Ryan thoroughly enjoyed his experience as he learned a lot about himself as a touring DJ.

Ryan is surely on the path towards great success. He is living his dreams by traveling around the world with a booming career. He hopes that he can become a household name in the future and that he can inspire others to follow their dreams.

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