Patrick Valentini (@pati_valentini)


In this article, we will be taking a wondrous dive into the life of Patrick Valentini. Social media is something that nearly all humans are aware of, and most clock around 10 hours a day using social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. This means that companies need to focus on how to become tech-savvy to be able to benefit from such a huge market for their products, and this is where Patrick Valentini comes in. Patrick Valentini, along with his partner Dennis Loos, has started a new company that works towards ensuring companies maintain the perfect balance in social media. In his coaching & consulting company, they train companies on how to use social media, how to place the perfect advertisement and thus gain not a pissed off user, but a new customer.

Patrick Valentini is already well established in this particular industry, having gained such a following in Austria and Germany that he regularly speaks in front of thousands of people, teaching them how to make the most of their social media presence. He even has a book by the name of Instagram, which placed itself in the Bestsellers list on Amazon, no small feat. Having managed to consolidate a considerable following in Austria and Germany, he has turned his gaze on the American market where he plans to make as huge an impact as he did in Austria and Germany, a mark of his incredible ambition. Boasting multiple clients that have gone on to record 7-digit sales is definitely going to help in his bid to gain a foothold in the American market and then go on to transform it as he has done in Austria and Germany.

But why choose Patrick Valentini to revolutionize your company? Well, Patrick Valentini, was one of the top social media experts early on and is an influencer himself. He knows what is important for Instagram, what a post should look like, and how it should be designed. In 2020 he was been awarded from the magazine “Erfolg Magazin” as a top expert in social media in Austria & Germany, which is a huge honor in itself. On top of that, his company offers a revolutionary training program. They have also developed a new online course for coaching in their company. There they explain every step by step, from the basics to the finalization of the perfect campaign. What is different from the typical courses that already exist? According to his business partner Dennis Loos, they’re good at everything! And it wasn’t just words sprouted with no context- these were not empty words! He went on to explain their strategy. According to him, the two men spent a lot of time trying to decide exactly what they want from this course. They know that as working people, not everyone has a lot of time to watch courses online, that too long ones. Therefore they have made flexible schedules where their course is available 24/7! Clients can choose their own time frame and watch it whenever it’s convenient for their schedule. According to him, they also take care of their clients by “But we are still available for our customers, which means we support our customers with WhatsApp support, weekly live calls, personal coaching, and much more.”

Patrick is a phenomenon rarely seen in the world. He has already won awards in the field of social media and has earned the title of social media expert! His fame precedes him and his name is widely known in Austria and Germany. His fame has already equipped him to take this step- he is comfortable talking to several thousands of people from a state, after that everything should be easy! Alongside his companies, he also has an Instagram @pati_valentini where he has made his social media presence known and is available for consultations!

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