Matthew J Toffler (@mjtoffs)


Talent is something that drives people and motivates them to thrive and work harder to achieve their dreams. But talent alone is not sufficient enough to bring success to a person; one needs to be aware of how to advertise themselves in a manner that makes them stand out in a sea of creatives, as well as, know how to promote their business. This is where the role of a talent manager comes in handy. Having talent management has become a necessity. Talented creatives need a helping hand who can manage their work, collaborations, promotions, and more, smoothly to ensure their talent is being as fruitful as it can.

Matthew J. Toffler is a talent manager who uses his social media accounts as a business platform – mainly Instagram. Matthew had always had an eye out for talent. He thrived in a sea of talented people and found his creative outlet in the form of talent management. He claims that help scouting young, fresh talent and providing these individuals with opportunities and helping them grow into groomed, creative people is what brings him the greatest form of euphoria. Matthew has worked in this field for a very long time and is now a seasoned, experienced, talent manager. He had started off with music and arts but has moved towards political talent. He currently works at the talent management department at The Daily Ware but had worked with many radio and reality hosts in the past to scout out talent in the entertainment industry. Matthew claims he ended up marrying his political passion and hobby for music according to him the craziest thing to happen in his field of work is that if the talent would lose trust in him for sharing. 

Matthew currently resides in Beverly Hills, California but had studied in the New York University from the years 2009 to 2013 under different schools; first at the Kanbar Institute of undergraduate film and television, Tisch school of arts, then the Gallatin school of individualized study (where he obtained his bachelor’s degree) and, finally, the Clive Davis school of music, Tisch school of the arts. Throughout his time, he had been interning at various different places like the Weinstein Company, BMG/ J Records, Fox Business Network, MTV Networks/ Logo, and Scorsese Sikelia Productions. Matthew also worked as a music production assistant for Leftfield Pictures, web and social media coordinator at Wake up with Taylor, a podcast producer at MDDN and a talent manager at the Toffler Management LLC. He currently works as a talent, media, and events coordinator at the Bentkey Venture, LLC.

Matthew’s understanding is that life is very precious, a blessing really; to take it for granted is nothing but an undeserved privilege. He believes that it is important to make the most of your life because you only get to live it once. It is vital that you chase after your dreams and passion even if it seems impossible, because in the end at least you can say you tried. Is it not better to have lived a life where you can look back at how you gave your best shot at everything rather than looking back – with regret – at a life where you were too cowardly to take a bold step? Hence, for Matthew, not jumping on opportunities you get because you were uncertain of the outcome, is not an option.

Matthew found his dreams at a young age. All around him he witnessed talented people and had decided quite early on that he wanted to help these talented individuals reach the optimum level of success that they deserved. And now, with years of working in the entertainment and the political industry, Matthew has helped and continues helping, scouting, and manage the fresh lot of emerging talent. 


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