Kristian Demetriou (@kristiandemetriou)


Making a name in the film industry in today’s era is tougher compared to what it was years ago. As we have seen the immense growth of the film industry over the years, it is quite safe to say that there has been a rise in the number of talented actors, dancers, and musicians. Particularly, taking into account the work-load that an actor takes, we discover how challenging it may get to make a mark in the ever-rising industry. 

Kristian Demetriou, a young lad is recognized as a passionate actor, model, dancer, and a presenter on TV and Radio. Born on January 5, 2004, in London, Westminster UK, Kristian has been into acting since he was just 3-years-old. Taking his keen interest in acting ahead, Kristian managed to get trained in Musical Theatre and pursued a very versatile style in the field of acting. Having passed the Trina exams with a distinction, Kristian jumped higher into this field making impressions. 

Kristian grew up getting inspired by his mother who at that time starred as a Duty Manager of Cyprus Airways on the TV show BBC Airport. Besides his mother, being a huge fan of actors namely, Leonardo DiCaprio, Evan Peters, Jim Carrey, etc, Kristian looked up to them as guidance to his career. Kristian’s first step into the industry was when he performed in a show featuring police and legal television by the name “Law and Order UK” that aired all over America. After that Kristian embraced multiple settings where he performed in several short films, featured films, or other contexts such as theatre production. 

One of the most notable and inspiring ventures Kristian delved into was founding the KD School of Performing Arts to bring forth the rising talent. With sustaining a 13-year experience in singing, acting, and dance, Kristian utilized his capabilities to form this art school. The objective of the school is to become one of the leading schools in terms of performance and fortunately, the motive is harmonizing with reality. Through this venture, which currently is gaining lead among other schools in North London, Kristian has been able to give a platform to people who are curious to transform into some of the best performers.

As a young actor, Kristian never said no to the opportunities that came his way. He adapted to every genre he was offered and now has earned exposure in comedy, to serious acting and in between. Kristian obtained the title of being an all-rounder also because he didn’t limit himself to a single role. Having lived in a small town called Muswell Hill in the UK, he soon realized that he would not let his locality affect his aims. It was quite early into his career when Kristian developed a habit of trying everything out and he found himself enjoying those opportunities. Whether it was in the West end shows or at summer festivals, he would willingly invest his skills into either. Shockingly, Kristian also enjoys working behind the lens which is unique for an actor to say. Although Kristian prefers performances but, regardless of what his preferences are, he would go for anything that would bring him exposure to getting some experience. 

Today, Kristian separates himself from the rest by being super invested and focused since when he was extremely young. His thrive for knowledge and challenging ventures has played a huge part in shaping his career throughout the years. His most appreciable quality is that he chooses versatility over a repeated process and this quality has helped him see much more than many people at this age do. When it comes to any project he is a part of, he makes sure he is doing justice to the character by pursuing it very professionally. Kristian’s passion and enthusiasm are what make him a person successful in his career. Through his hard work and devotion, Kristian is a star and acts as an inspiration to the young kids who are looking forward to dreaming big and attain credibility.

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