Kevin LaPalme (@kevin_lapalme)


Kevin LaPalme is an extraordinarily talented multimedia specialist with more than two decades of experience in fields as competitive as leadership and technology. For Kevin, his career has been incredibly rewarding as he now the owner and the chief editor of the internationally distributed magazine, Lapalme Magazine. The Lapalme magazine is immensely close to Kevin as he makes sure that everything that the magazine contains holds a piece of his passion and dedication towards it.  Kevin, with all the success he has had in his extensive career, is an extremely strong believer in the power of thinking positively and developing oneself so that other, strong, and positive-minded people also start engaging with a person.


Before owning his magazine, Kevin was the owner of a talent agency, Chrome Talent, which represented more than six hundred talented actors. While working in the industry, Kevin became greatly interested in filmmaking and photography which led him to expand his agency by adding a studio in it. At Chrome Talent, Kevin worked on managing a team to handle film, print, and television bookings for all of the actors at the agency and managed all sales and bookings for the studio facility. Due to his hard work and effective communication with his teams, he saw successes through a steadily growing profit and revenue even in the most economically challenging times.

After working on it and growing the agency and the studio both for more than eight years, Kevin decided to sell it and start his journey by fuelling another one of his creative passions in life. After his work in the agency and the studio, he started looking for ways to express himself more creatively and eventually came up with the idea of having his very own publication. Through working at the agency and the studio, he had been in contact with many photographers and because of that, the transition seemed very easy for him to shift from one medium to the next. Now he is in charge of a very reputed elevated lifestyle publication.

At the magazine, he is in charge of the overall direction, growth, and expansion. He has completely taken off the magazine from being a local one to one that is distributed across the entire nation as well as internationally. Kevin also routinely provides art direction, his creative vision, and ideas on designs for the covers and editorial shoots as well as sponsored events. The magazine has taken off so much that it boosted its revenue by 165% in the first year alone.

Having been in the career for as long as he has been and having projects that would enable him to express himself more creatively, Kevin is bound to have experienced some incredibly unique stories to narrate. When asking about this, his mind goes to when he first realised the true impact of his magazine. Since the magazine is being distributed in seventeen countries, he constantly receives emails and messages telling him how the magazine has inspired or educated people across the world. Despite this being a routine for Kevin for years now, these messages still bring a huge smile to his face with the knowledge that his work effects someone to such a degree.

Since early on, Kevin has been a self-starter and a self-learner. He gets creative ideas and he rushes to turn those ideas into a reality through incredibly well thought out concepts. He thinks that it is important for a person to keep dreaming but also to keep themselves grounded in the real world knowing all the implications and complications that could surround the said dream. It is only through this way he has been able to turn some of his most vivid ideas into realities. To keep up with Kevin, his projects, and his future work, one can follow him on his Instagram at the handle @kevin_lapalme.

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