Jeremy Jacob Hazin (@jeremyhazin)


Jeremy Jacob Hazin, popularly known as Jeremy Hazin, is a professional table tennis player from Canada. He has qualified for the Tokyo 2020 (2021) Olympic games and will be representing Team Canada at the Olympics. He started playing when he was just nine years old at a local club and within a handful of years was already on the Cadet (U15) National Team, the Junior (U18) National Team, and then the Senior National team. He is the 2X National Champion and has won over ten medals at Pan American and World events. He has competed professionally in around twenty countries in over six continents.

Jeremy started playing table tennis in 2009 when he was just nine years old. His father used to play the sport back in his teens but hadn’t played it in decades. One day, during parents’ night at Jeremey’s elementary school, his classmate’s father asked Jeremey’s father if he’d be interested in playing with him at the local club. Although he was a little rusty, his father was pleased to be reacquainted with a sport he had loved playing in his youth, so he agreed to play. When they went to play at the local club, Jeremy’s father brought him along to watch. Only a few weeks later, Jeremy picked up the racket himself and started playing. His parents would drop him off at the club for lessons while doing weekend chores. At first, Jeremy treated table tennis as an extracurricular activity outside of school, but slowly his parents noticed his astounding skill and passion for the sport. He started training formally when he was ten, juggling his rigorous training with a seven-days-a-week regimen and school work with relative ease. 

In 2013, he was featured in an article by the Globe and Mail, which is regarded as Canada’s “newspaper of the record”, and was deemed a ping pong prodigy by the publication. Jeremy has also been featured in numerous articles published by the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) and, by national sporting organizations. He has won several accolades over the years, he was the youngest Canadian player to ever compete at the senior ITTF World Championships, making his debut at age 13 in 2013. He won national titles in every age category (U11, U13, U15, U18). In 2017, he won Canadian men’s singles title; at age 17, he was the youngest national champion ever. He was a triple medalist at the 2017 Pan American Junior Championships, winning bronze in singles, doubles and mixed doubles play; and the 2018 Canadian champion in singles and doubles. He was the top-ranked Canadian man in the ITTF World Rankings heading into the 2019 Pan American Games. And finally, this year he was the winner of the 2020 Westchester Open and also qualified for representing Canada in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics which was a dream come true for him.

Jeremy has a very active social media presence and can be found on Instagram under @jeremyhazin where he has more than four thousand followers. Despite his incredibly busy schedule, Jeremy posts regularly and shares his travels around the world, his goals and accomplishments with his followers. He also posts clips from his practice sessions, giving his followers an insight into his process and what his training looks like. He is incredibly humble and down to earth and is very grateful for all the support that he has had from his family, friends, coaches, sponsors, and fans. Several articles and videos of his various games can be found on various sports websites and YouTube as well.

Jeremey has achieved great success at such a young age that most of us can only dream of. With rigorous training, hard work, passion, and dedication, Jeremy has managed to shine throughout the years and will soon embark on the prestigious Olympics journey. Jeremy truly believes that if one is dedicated to achieving their dreams, nothing is impossible.

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