Ishdeep Bhogal (@djisbmusic)


Music for some is a way to express, to others it’s a way of life. Some people live and breathe the melody. They follow the melody and beats in every sentence they hear and their every word is lyrical in its own right. Passion is so commonly used now that people have forgotten what it truly means- it is a way of embodiment, someone who’s passionate embodies it. This is the same for all geniuses in their field where all they see is their object of interest. One such person deep in the throes of music, is Ishdeep Bhogal, one of the best musicians in his genre!

Ishdeep was enamored with it from a very young age and trained his skills making mixes and playlists from the start. He has been asked about his affinity to music and his love for it and he has a unique take on it. According to him, his interest in music isn’t limited to passion or even obsession. According to him, it crosses those borders and enters the realm of addiction. For him, he can go on for hours working on the same track, sitting on the same table ignorant to any aches in his neck or back from sitting in the same position! It was less of work and more as a sanctuary- he could lose himself in It, forget everything and be free from distractions and not surface for the longest time. 

We’ve heard that hard work always reaps efforts and for us, Ishdeep is a living example. He worked endlessly all his life and, in the end, he made a name for himself and gave all his fans something to listen to that they enjoyed. As his work matured, his popularity grew and he became a DJ for Sidhu Moose Wala’s world tour! This would be the dream for anyone in the music business- a world tour with one of the most famous musicians in the genre! But Ishdeep didn’t stop there. He went on moving forwards with his dream and kept becoming more successful.

Ishdeep curated a fanbase early on, and as he put his music out for his fans to listen to on all social media platforms, he earned himself the name of DJ IsB and became well known as that! His specialization perhaps lies in the fact that he has a lot of genres and styles in his repertoire- he specializes in almost all genres including Punjabi, Bollywood, Reggae, Soca, Club Anthems, Hip-Hop to EDM and thus is called and hired by a large variety of clients. His music is so diverse that his fans can enjoy everything he produces!

Since then Ishdeep has gotten far in his career. He is now the proud and widely acclaimed Brand Ambassador of The Beard Struggle and Void Homme. His expertise in the many genres of music has also earned him a lot of recognition as well as an award as the Multi-Genre DJ in Toronto at the South Asian Community. He has made it big in front of everyone and was even asked to tour with Sidhu Moose Wala on his world tour!

Ishdeeps talents have been fully recognized and he has been taken on as the exclusive DJ with the Record label named Speed Records. His work is available on all streaming platforms under the name of his label- ‘SpeedRecords.’ He has used his fame for good and he has used his influence to host multiple high school competitions and donated all profits to charities- an act even most billionaires don’t do! He is active on his Instagram @djisbmusic and willingly imparts advice and help to anyone who reaches out to him!

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