The world we live in and navigate today is largely digital. We rely on electronics for everything from waking up in the morning to accomplishing our tasks at work to entertaining ourselves during leisure time. Due to the immense part that they play in our day to day lives, we must choose the right combination of electronic devices from reputed companies. Due to the highly dynamic market, new businesses are springing up constantly claiming to be the answer to our electronic worries. While some of their claims are true, many of them can be unfounded or exaggerated. It is there up to us to study the options available and make a well-informed decision. This is particularly heightened due to the increasing cost of different electronics and the shelf life we require of them, making sure that customers look into both the devices they are purchasing as well as the companies making them.

The electronics industry is therefore highly competitive. It consists of both small and large scale businesses battling for customer loyalty and differentiating themselves based on their products or services. They each want to establish themselves as a go-to option for their customer base and undergo extensive research to make sure that they are catering to customer demands to the best of their ability. However, despite the competitiveness required, there may be just as many companies that are cutting corners and engaging in unfair practices in order to increase their production volume or generate more sales.

One company that has over time established itself as a reputable and innovative source is iGo. iGo is a registered brand in Europe and can trace its origin from Madrid in Spain. Its sales and marketing office is in Dubai and it has multiple state-of-the-art retail shops in Madrid and London, making them quite an international brand. They are involved in both creating and trading electronic equipment and deal with the top brands in the region to offer high-quality goods. They trade mobile phones, accessories, wireless equipment, and lifestyle products, mainly within Europe.

Apart from partnering with other top brands, iGo has also spent over eighteen years in the industry, which has allowed it to grow and develop alongside changes in the environment and customers. They have been able to specialize in electronics and have ensured that their quality only grows with time, regardless of economic or financial troubles that may arise. They always make sure to provide products with attractive prices and market themselves through social media. They do not want people to lose out on products simply because they cannot afford them, and their social media presence allows them to be close to their customers, hear feedback and keep the conversation going.

The story of iGo is one of success, but also one that involves an incredible amount of hard work and perseverance. In order to promote their business, high-level executives have had to travel around the world, speak at different conferences, and make good connections. One of them remarks that frequent travel to Hong Kong and China, which have a very different food culture to Spain, have made him lose weight!

iGo tries their best to maintain a strong presence on their social media because it is one of the best ways to connect with people who support them as well as potential customers. They can expand their audience through posts and provide a quick answer to anyone having queries about different products. It also helps provide them with a better insight into how customers think, what factors influence their choices, and what their reactions are to different changes in products. They can improve their weaknesses through feedback and learn from their strengths, while at the same time cultivating a genuine connection with customers. They can be found on Instagram under the username @igospain where they are very active in reaching out to people. Hopefully, soon iGo will get the recognition it deserves!

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