Cory Fernandez (@coryfernandezofficial)


Cory Fernandez is a professional snowboarder based in America. He has been in the sports world for many years now. Something that started as fun had turned into his passion and later his career. Over his time professionally snowboarding, he has interacted and networked with many other athletes in the sports industry. He has also collaborated with popular brands such as GoPro and Skullcandy.

Cory spent his entire childhood and first few years of his teen life trying to discover his talents. He explored a lot to figure out what exactly he was good at that he also enjoyed. His loved ones always encouraged him to be open, adventurous, and determined. Cory eventually started playing sports and figured he enjoyed the thrill and rush.

Soon enough, Cory discovered snowboarding. The joy and excitement that the sport brought him were like no other. He had not experienced this level of thrill before and at the age of only 14 years old, Cory began snowboarding regularly in southern California. His loved ones always supported him and so, he practiced more and more. As the years went by, he got better at the sport. Eventually, Cory decided to pursue snowboarding professionally so that he could live out his dreams and his passion every day of his life.

Cory has since been involved in many different snowboarding-related personal projects and events. He participated in a wide range of snowboarding related competitions from all over the world. He has placed well in some of them and received multiple medals, awards, and much more. Besides competitions, he has also been invited to plenty of exciting events. At these events, he has managed to meet so many new people and build even more connections. He is extremely proud of the life he is living – exactly how he dreamed it would be.

Currently, the talented snowboarder has over 21.6k followers on Instagram alone. He is also very active on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. He creates a wide variety of content for his followers so that they can keep up with his busy lifestyle. His Instagram serves as an inspiration to those who are just starting in the snowboarding industry.

On his social media, he tries to keep his followers engaged and give the viewers what they want. On YouTube, he has created his channel such that whoever is interested in learning about snowboarding or some good tips and tricks, then his channel is the place to go. His videos consist of telling his viewers how to pack a snowboard bag, 10 snowboard tricks to learn, and so many more.

Cory’s Instagram page is where one will find the latest news and events regarding snowboarding and his life. He has uploaded photos from his days traveling and snowboarding, concerts and restaurants, and so much more. He enjoys sharing about his day to day life with his followers as he likes to build a tight bond with his followers. Recently, Cory has been using his Instagram to share some of his favorite gadgets with his fans.

In 2019, Cory was thrilled to announce his deals with two of his favorite brands. The first was GoPro – a company creating one of the most well-known action cameras in the world. He has promoted their products on his social media as he is quite fond of them himself. It was truly an honor for Cory to land such a deal.

The second deal was signed with Skullcandy – a music company creating products like headphones, earphones, and so on. This American company is incredibly popular and Cory, being in love with music, was so ecstatic to partner up with them. Through social media campaigns, Cory has been able to tell his fans everything he enjoys from the brand.

Cory is certainly a successful individual. He is hardworking and determined, on top of that, he is well connected and knows how to maintain bonds and relationships with people. He is constantly working towards his next project and is very goal-oriented. 

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