Will Thompson (@itstherealwill)


In the world, as it is nowadays, positive results and success are not handed to people with big dreams and hopes. The world has seen unlimited talent in every single field out there which has left no room for blind ambition and passion to lead the way for people wanting to enter industries. No amount of passion or yearning for something can yield positive results without adequate hard work, dedication, and perseverance put into it. Just as a machine requires input to yield an output, success also requires input in the form of hard work, blood, sweat, and tears to bring out a positive result. 

It’s people like Will Thompson that are an inspiration to anyone with big dreams and put in the work required to accomplish your goals. The definition of passionate, dedicated, driven, and self-made. All these words encompass everything that Will is. Being a well-rounded and accomplished individual, he is an award-winning actor, director, filmmaker, director, a best-selling author, and a philanthropist. He is also the proud owner of his independent production company ‘Urban Visionary Films’. If that isn’t the definition of accomplished, we don’t know what is! Will has been able to come significantly far in his career with no external backing or support and is surely an inspiration for any independent filmmakers hoping to break into the industry. 

Born and raised in Oak Park, a suburb in Chicago, Will was one of four children, loved being an entertainer and was the life of the party from a very young age. For as long as he can remember, he was interested in a plethora of things related to the arts. His creative mind allowed him to explore different facets of arts such as music, acting and reading and he soon realized that he loved delving into the mind of characters from books or films to try and understand their mind, why they made certain decisions and why they responded to a situation in the manner than they did. His home life was also distinct, as Will revealed that it had a prominent impact on his career and the reason he chose it in the first place. 

From the age of 12, Will knew he wanted to be an actor. Being a huge fan of movies, he had already picked out some of his favorite actors and would frequently find himself watching their work. Notable actors such as Denzel Washington (Malcolm X), Samuel L. Jackson (Pulp Fiction), Eddie Murphy (The Nutty Professor), and renowned comedians/actors like Richard Pryor and Redd Foxx inspired Will to pursue a career as an actor. Having done many credited roles in works like “Matadors”, “The Dilemma”, and “Pleading Guilty”, he did several TV commercials and hosting jobs before realizing his love and interest for directing. 

An unfortunate setback Will had to face was due to the COVID Pandemic that has devastated the world and practically brought it to a standstill. “Good Intentions”, an original film by Will (that he was also acing in) was supposed to start filming this year in June, but all production had to stop because of the uncertain and unsafe circumstances. Not only was this a major setback in Will’s career but a setback for the 200 people involved in the process. Being fully funded by Will himself, he was at a financial loss and disappointed that something he had put his heart and soul into for years was suddenly shut down. 

Will is not phased, as he is hopeful that when the pandemic blows over, he will be able to stun the world with his emotional piece. He has handled similar situations from the past just as well, having made it through 2 surgeries (one of which was life-threatening). Rather than letting this stop him, he took it as motivation to push through and come out stronger. His work and personal updates are made on his Instagram (@itstherealwill) where he is a constant source of inspiration and positivity. Head over to his profile and follow him for updates! 

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