Vaibhav Gupta (@soundofaroma)


Music grants us permission to feel and embrace all spheres of emotions. Only the most exceptional musicians can make their listeners feel even such emotions that they haven’t been through. Music is one of those art forms that act as a healer; we are all aware of countless stories of fans who found a reason to live and go on because of who they were listening to. Music has saved numerous people, but not every musician has this magic bestowed in their hands; there are only a few lucky ones, and Vaibhav Gupta is one of the fortunate ones.

Vaibhav Gupta is a twenty-five-year-old renowned producer and DJ from India known for his exquisite electronic project called ‘ARÕMA.’ His sound has shades of melancholy, culture, mysticism, exploration of emotion, and soul healing downtempo. His music emanates from nature itself, inspired by traditions from around the globe, and evolving from deep self-exploration; his style is truly eclectic. One quality that sets him apart from the rest is that his music is an amalgam of ethnic and western instruments with world percussions and beautiful chants and mantras that produces an ultimate transcendent kind of music for healing, relaxation, and mediation.

He has collaborated with huge artists like Jack Essek, Jose Solano, Aleceo, Faran Ensemble, Bliz Nochi, and many more. However, reaching the peak wasn’t all rainbows and cupcakes. It took him a tremendous amount of hard work and grind to reach where he is.

Vaibhav knew he wanted to become a producer since he was just six years old. For him, it all started when he struck a guitar for the first time. He felt a warm embrace in music, something he hadn’t felt before. Since a young age, talking wasn’t his love language. He always felt distant to the idea of communicating to someone about his feeling, and being introverted didn’t help his case. This is where music became his savior. It gave him a medium to express his feelings, thoughts, and even himself, loud and clear. Music became his life; it healed him, and now he wants to return the favor by healing others.

It is every artist and musician’s paradise to get recognition for their talent, not just locally, even internationally. Vaibhav earned it through his assiduous and diligent hard work when he got an opportunity to do the first international release of his track, Maasai, in Frankfurt, Germany, under a label called Chameleoncast. This unlocked doors for him, and then he kept getting endowed with opportunities like this. He released his track with labels from all across the world like kośa records from Pune, India, Ohxala Records from Porto, Portugal, Deep Bali Records from France & Bali, Seminyak, Cosmovision Records from Montreal, Canada, and this isn’t even the entire list. Calling him lucky for getting all of these opportunities would be entirely wrong, as it was all possible only because of his hard work and astonishing talent in the world of music.

Vaibhav had only one goal: to touch his listeners’ soul, and there is no doubt in saying that he indeed did. It is all because of his genuine intentions and magical hands that his music gained recognition at music festivals like Fusion Music Festival, radio shows around the globe, and by big producers like Sabo, Goldcap in their mixtapes and live sets.

Despite all the success, Vaibhav Gupta is one of the most humble people. To do something out of the ordinary and advance his music career, he also designs aesthetically pleasing, avant-garde graphics and videos along with making music. Vaibhav shares it on his Instagram along with news of releasing a track. He truly enjoys sharing what inspired him to write his tracks, and he continuously educates his fans about the culture he was exploring in his single. One could tell he doesn’t exploit other cultures; instead, he explores and appreciates them as he first educates himself about them and then gets inspired along the way.

Vaibhav uses his Instagram @soundofaroma to let his fans peek into his entire journey of becoming a DJ and a producer.  ‘Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.’ This saying is by Plato, which he posted when he initially started his Instagram journey. Indubitably, he gave this saying a life through his music. As aforementioned, music can save people, and ‘ARÕMA’ saved many.

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