Shaunevalice Lee (@808nokaoi.creations)


Shaunevalice Kekai Malosi Lee is a photographer and graphic designer who received his degree in graphic design from The University of Devry in Decatur, Georgia. From a very young age, Lee had developed an interest in the field and randomly did home-based projects regarding the subjects. Realizing his talents and his strong passion for such content creation he finally decided to pursue his dreams and make a career out of it. The beginning of Lee’s journey to success began when he started doing photography for his children often planning photoshoots for their special days and then later designing logos for their sports teams and organizations.


After seeing his designs and impeccable photography many parents started approaching Lee for private photo sessions of their children. Various companies and celebrities also offered Shaunevalice to create logos and album covers for them which he readily accepted. All clients left extremely satisfied with his work and in turn, spread the word attracting more people until it finally dawned on him that something more formal had to be done and hence job opportunities were created. What started as a simple activity for Lee had now turned into a fullfledged career for him. Realizing that not everybody has the same skills as him, he made use of his talents and was soon pretty successful and content with whatever he was achieving every step of his way. 

In just a few months, Lee was working with big names in the industry. He was now designing album covers, logos, and designs for many sports organizations and players. Moreover, he soon got to work with Honorable C.N.O.T.E (a hip hop record producer and songwriter), Big Boi (an American rapper, songwriter, actor, and record producer), and Sleepy Brown (a singer, songwriter and record producer). These big names helped him boost his resume greatly and attracted many clients and job opportunities for Lee. Just a few months ago he was experimenting with his talents on his children and now was an established and successful individual, working with very prominent names. 

Shaunevalice Lee narrates a significant incident of his life claiming it to be the beginning of his life-changing journey. In his initial years after graduation, he was working as a graphic designer at a local gym in Ellenwood, Georgia called Granite City Boxing. His job was to handle the organization’s Instagram account and post animations and logos which might help attract potential customers to the gym. Soon enough his talent was noticed by Honorable C.N.O.T.E, who himself visited the gym just to inquire about who was working behind the intricate yet attractive blueprints for their social media. Lee’s gym coach then introduced the two and the ‘rest was history’.

Shaunevalice Kekai Malosi Lee has an Instagram (@808nokoai.creations) which is around twenty-five thousand followers strong. Through this social media platform, he posts his artworks for the world to see and marvel over. You can find logos, posters, flyers, animations, and magazine designs to name a few. He claims that social media is sort of a safe haven for Lee where he can let his creativity flow and posts new content every day, where people not only appreciate his uniqueness but also provide constructive criticism for him to improve. Reviews play a big role in his career which he greatly appreciates claiming it helps him grow and improve constantly.

Shaunevalice is a very dedicated and devoted individual who has given his best to establish himself in the industry. Although he realized his passion late, he never let the age factor interfere with his dreams. His hard work made him highly capable and made him achieve and accomplish a lot in life. To the extent that he has had many of his photos placed in various galleries all over the world such as in Australia, Spain, and the US. He encourages his followers to not let anything stop them from following their dreams and to never give up.

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