Oussama Kassouri (@ayyogoddi)


The world is too big to stay in one place and life is too short to do just one thing. Oussama Kassouri, a young, optimistic, and cheerful traveller, appreciates the extent of extraordinary gifts bestowed to mankind in this sole mortal existence and sets off his journey to unleash these hidden beauties of the world and embark his footprint on the earth as a sign of wondrous experiences and breathtaking memories.

Inspired and motivated himself he sets himself as a role model for all the people he expectedly or unexpectedly runs into, showing them an untapped aspect of life, enlightening their hearts with a new ray of hope to bring those castles in the air to the ground and to live in them, honouring their wishes in life. Encouraging people to launch into an airy and bracing life of an excursionist, he also assists them with location ideas as his passion for wanderlust usually keeps him on the road, exploring new places, people, and a plethora of art and culture, ethnicity and heritages all around the world. These wonderful encounters add up in one’s precious recollection of the years in the only life they are given to live.

Growing up we are boxed into stereotypical roles of everyday job and house chores, assigned to us for the rest of our existence. People are raised to neglect or at times even strangle to death any pint-sized desire for some out of ordinary escapades or daring voyages. Oussama Kassouri, breaking the shackles of conventional pathways, motivates people to liberate their minds from these established constraints and fearlessly lend an ear to their heart’s voice. He persuades them to pluck up the courage to set forth for the risky endeavours they would love to attach with the story of their life either travelling, exploring, painting, playing music, or any other form of dreams they hide for the fear of society.

Other than being a tripper influencing people to battle their fears and live this one single life wholeheartedly he also got an exquisite taste in music. Producing and composing the tunes and rap in the most winsome and creative manner, he provides people with some good and catchy music. This little gift Oussama has been holding since his childhood thumping pans and tables trying to harmonise discrete beats and even designing his drum-kit out of kitchen crockery. Kind and compassionate in his daily meetings, Oussama hopes to sprinkle joy with his talent experimenting and discovering multiple genres of music, spreading smiles all along his journey.

In an era where depression has become a mutual companion and people in some sphere of there life unknowingly resides under the heavy cloud of sorrow, pessimism, negativity, and self-hate, an unknown person with a cheery aura coming up to you and making you realize your self-worth and potential, urging you to take the plunge to accomplish your dreams make a big difference and Oussama Kassouri has dedicated his globetrotting bringing about these scintillating differences in people’s lives.

To stay updated about Oussama Kassouri’s adventures and latest songs you can follow him on Instagram @ayyogoddi or simply use hashtags; #traveling or #travel to find his posts. The kind of personality Oussama possesses makes it easy to find him even in this real-world somewhere between inspiring others, working on himself, dodging negativity, and slaying his goals as he always advises his followers to just be motivated and always bring positive vibes.

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