Oskar Brandt (@oskar_brandt__)


Sometimes you come across someone and the more they speak, the more baffled you become. “You do what? How have you accomplished all that? How are you so young?” these are the thoughts and questions racing through your mind as they continue to tell you about themselves. Oskar Brandt is exactly one of these individuals. At age 18, he has already accomplished what many are unable to do so their entire lives. He is a photographer and a very talented one at that! And even more, he is the CEO of a company that is a market leader, as well as an avid programmer. 

Some kids dream for the future, while Oskar achieves in the present. This is how you may sum up Oskar Brandt. Born in 2002, Oskar attended the school Rückert Gymnasium in Berlin and subsequently finished the school Albert-Einstein-Gymnasium in 2019. Truly Oskar is a diverse and exceptional young man as he in his school years organized multiple political and social events as a student representative in cooperation with Amnesty International, UNICEF, and ZDF. In 2019, Oskar also participated in the world-famous International Physics Olympiad and traveled for its finals in Tel Aviv, Israel where he then won the competition. Oskar is currently undertaking an engineering degree from MIT – one of the highest rank universities in the world! 

At age 16 Oskar became the founder and CEO of EXOGREEN, which within a year became the market leader in online CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Consulting Firms. Its mission statement is to create sustainable profits for economic actors and to ensure that companies, employees, shareholders, and all others involved make sustainable, fair, and environmentally conscious profits. On top of this impressive feat, since age ten Oskar developed a strong intrigue towards computers and began working on programming languages. Thus, amazingly, at age 12 he developed the famous “Bike Race: Free Racing Games” app with Top Free Games. This again is just one of the many intricate puzzle pieces of Oskar’s impressive resume! 

Oskar also has a very particular and inspirational mindset. He believes in truly uplifting his fellow peers in age through a multitude of ways. He realizes the importance of the world’s youth as they will lead and shape the future and thus aims to motivate and inspire them to achieve their own goals. Oskar does this by conveying democratic, cosmopolitan, just and environmentally conscious thoughts to educate his peers – as he explains “[The] youth is our greatest asset”

On top of all this, Oskar loves his photography just as much as he is good at it! He began taking photographs at the age of nine and in 2013 was discovered by the famous photographer – Anja Hitzenberger, who aided Oskar to eventually have his photographs exhibited at CO Berlin – a German art gallery, specializing in visual media like photography. Besides this, Oskar has also worked with globally known photographers including Barbaros Kayan and Joel Sartore. Oskar particularly enjoys taking scenic and landscape photos, to then edit them as an almost fantasy and dream-like version of the original image. 


Oskar shares exquisite images like these and many more on his Instagram – which has currently amassed over 30k followers. He stuns all with these utopian and dream-like pictures, and time to time also experiments with other styles of photography including animal portraits. It is evident that whatever may be Oskar’s photography subject, he always does them justice. His unique and niche use of vibrant and eye-catching colors immediately grabs everyone’s attention. Through his Instagram images, it’s also clear that Oskar is well-traveled as he posts a wide array of different and exotic locations. Besides his breathtaking pictures, he also engages with his many Instagram followers through thought-provoking and motivational captions – all of which incites a warm and a “can-do” attitude with the reader. 

To continue to interact and remain in the know regarding Oskar Brandt – the young Multitasking Mogul – it is urged to follow his social media, with the link being provided below:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oskar_brandt__/

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