Michael Nyembo (@eyeattracti0n)


Managing to pursue your dreams and also become a fashion and photography icon for your community is not an easy thing to do. Not only does it require copious amounts of hard work, but also perseverance, and dedication. There are many famous photographers in the world, however, not all of them make it a point to work for the betterment of their community and support the underprivileged around them. Micheal Nyembo is one of them. 

Nyembo decided that he wanted to become a professional photographer very early in his life. He always loved taking pictures and marveling over their different colors and designs. He would photograph everything, from nature to objects and even people. But he enjoyed photographing people the most. It was entertaining and he loved capturing their little quirks and emotions in the pictures. As he grew older, he got better with practice and soon starting producing good quality work. Around 5 years ago, Nyembo started taking his passion for photography very seriously. He had already decided that he loved it and wanted to pursue his passion, but he also decided that he wanted to make a successful career out of it. His photography was not only going to be his passion but would also be his bread and butter. 

In January of 2018, Nyembo decided to drop out of the Webster University Geneva and pursue his passion for photography. This decision was quite literally life-changing for him as he was soon seen working tirelessly to build his career. He enrolled in various courses and internships and started building a solid portfolio for himself. Not only this, he also established a social media front and started putting up his pictures on Instagram. In the past two years, Nyembo has worked for a variety of different clients. These include makeup artists, musicians, cosmetic brands, and even various online stores. Nyembo’s work has been featured in a variety of local magazines and he has also worked with them for their shoots as well. 

In just two years, Nyembo not only established a strong online presence but has also managed to build a really strong portfolio. He has worked with a variety of celebrities as well. The list of celebrities he has worked with include Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown, Mack Wilds, Parker Mckenna, DanniLeigh, and Blaqtuxedo. This is clearly a long list of celebrities! The fact that so many celebrities trust Nyembo’s work is evidence of him being excellent at his craft. 

After dropping out of college, Nyembo moved to LA and started searching for jobs. During this time, he worked very hard to secure employment under influential and big names. His hard work finally paid off when he scored a job with Wiz Khalifa in the very first week! Wiz Khalifa clearly loved his work and Nyembo was given an excellent recommendation by the artist. Nyembo has now learnt almost everything there is to know about post-production and photography. He has been doing it since 2014 and has now mastered all the skills and techniques. Not only this, but he also has a booming Instagram page (@eyeattraction) which has around 16.9K followers and around 182 posts. He posts pictures of various models he works with and gives special representation to his own community. 


Nyembo tries to empower the black community by hiring them for shoots and giving small black-owned businesses shout-outs on his feed. Many people have shown appreciation for the work he does for his community and how he uses his influence and social capital to support the underprivileged around him. Nyembo’s eye for good quality and precise photography make him an amazing photographer, however, his love for humanity and the work he does for the people around him make him an absolutely amazing human. If you want to be inspired by Nyembo’s beautiful work, you can always follow his Instagram page and enjoy his daily updates!

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