Kevin Austin (@kevinaustin29)


In the times of fast internet and its easy accessibility, millions of people across the world prefer to shop online. This means that expanding business and reaching out to a bigger audience has become easier. Being an online entrepreneur means conducting business via the internet. There are several types of online entrepreneurs like the ones who make side income through merchandising crafts or the multimillionaire owners of the internet monoliths. Kevin Austen is also a serial entrepreneur from California, who runs an online store, manages musical bands, and runs social media marketing agency. 

 Kevin has insights into the demands and needs of young millennial consumers. He understands the kind of products that would attract the interests of them, and that is why Kevin is successful in his online business venture. His company makes hats with contemporary designs and sells them to his target audience that is the millennial generation of the US. Understanding the needs of the audience is a core of any brand’s growth, and Kevin has ample experience with running businesses, so he understands what drives effective marketing strategies and multiples brand equity. 

Kevin is an entrepreneurial genius who utilizes his set of skills in a variety of sectors. Kevin also owns a Social Media Marketing Agency called ‘MogulXMedia’ in San Francisco, California. Social Media marketing initially started with businesses publishing their content on social media to direct traffic towards their websites and to enhance their sales. But, in recent years, social media has developed far beyond just being a place to broadcast content. Now, strategies to market business have grown in a myriad of different ways. Social media marketing means using prevalent social media platforms to connect with the target audience to build one’s brand, increase sales, and generate traffic towards it. Kevin’s company work on promoting the businesses of its client by using various social media marketing strategies like publishing stimulating content, listening to and engaging with followers, analyzing results, working on enhancing the outcome, and running social media advertisements. Kevin, sometimes, takes free trial runs as well for the comfort of his clients. He has been working with successful companies like Toyota, Chevrolet, & Ford.

Kevin also works as a manager for some Latino Musical Groups. Through his Instagram page, it is evident that he is not only good at managing his clients but also supports them unconditionally. One of the bands he manages is Banda Losavi, which did exceptionally well in its streams on Spotify under Kevin’s management. His label is #KevinAustinMusic, through which he introduces musical bands. He also runs an active YouTube page and uploads vlogs on his personal life, adventures, and promotes the music of the bands he manages. Kevin is fond of traveling the world and capturing its beauty, which is aided by his sheer passion for travel and adventure. His videos give his audience a sense of thrill like they are too present in the beautiful places in the world with Kevin. His amiable nature has made him quite popular in California, and he is commonly well-liked within the business community of California. His hard work and diligence towards helping people in achieving their goals and bringing success to them are quite apparent from his work and the trust his business clients put in him. 

It is not always easy to establish a reputation that stands out in the business world when the field is ever-evolving, especially at a young age, but Kevin is able to pave a way in this career. He is good at what he does, but the work requires more than just hard work. It requires foresightedness, having in-depth cognizance, and an ability to make quick and calculated decisions. Kevin not only possess these abilities but exhibits them in his work- be it in his online store, his marketing agency, or his managerial work. If anyone wants to look him up, here are his social links ( and

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