Karam Rassam (@krassam)


The field of music is vast and has various subsets and processes that take place behind the scenes and it is only then that you get to see your favorite songs and their music videos onscreen. Among the many processes that contribute to the formation of the pyramid of a song, perhaps one of the most important ones is music arrangement. To stress on exactly how important musical arrangement is, you can simply say that music arrangement can make or break a song. It is a seemingly simple, yet highly intricate and complex process that requires great precision and an ear for discerning what sounds work and what don’t, thereby making your favorite songs into timeless masterpieces.

Karam Rassam is one of the amazing people in the music industry who have been effortlessly excelling at the art of music arrangement since they set foot into the industry. Karam has been a music producer since 2001 and served as the General Manager of Aghanina TV, a live TV channel from Jordan, for the period 2007 to 2017. Established in Iraq, he has been arranging music for more than a hundred and fifty songs for Iraqi music artists, including but not limited to: Haitham Yousif, Kais Hisham, Hatim Al Iraqi, Mohammed Al Faris, Mohammed Abdul Gabar, Habib Ali, Salam Hassan, Modafar Al Ameer, and others.

Growing up, Karam always had an eminent love for music. He was artistically inclined, and could discern tones and sounds well, leading to him developing a profound interest in the subject. He then proceeded to buy a keyboard for himself, finding an outlet to express his creative talent. He continued pursuing his love for music throughout and even after school and soon made it his lifelong passion by finding a professional career in the industry. This goes to show there are no dreams too big or too small, and nothing’s out of reach if only you strive hard enough for it.

Once officially starting his career in the music industry, Karam received the opportunity to work with famous Iraqi star Haitham Yousif. To say that this was the highlight of Karam’s young career would be an understatement. This endeavor opened up many new worlds for Karam, adding numerous opportunities to polish his repertoire and stand tall among other industry professionals, creating a name for himself and becoming a force to be reckoned with. It’s been almost twenty years since Karam started his career in the music industry and he does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

The music industry attains the majority of its popularity through online music charts, streaming, and social networking sites these days. To maintain a connection with fans artists and music producers are quick to create social media accounts and interact with their followers. Karam, like the rest, is also very active across his social media platforms. He frequently updates his profile with mentions of his work and interesting anecdotes he finds worth a share, which makes the whole music creating process experience more organic. Karam is most active across Facebook and has been very interactive on the platform.

The world is rapidly progressing and as technology adapts itself to the increasing needs of the public, everything is becoming similarly digitized. Music today has more of a manufactured, digitized feel compared to the organic sounds that were so popular in the past. To survive in a constantly changing industry for so long is a feat nothing short of brilliant, and a testament to the hard work and brilliance that a talented individual has been serving for decades in his career. Karam Rassam is a legend in every regard of the word and it’s his deserved right to gain worldwide recognition and popularity for what he has achieved. We wish Karam all the best for his future endeavors and aspirations. If you would like to find out more information regarding this amazing individual, be sure to visit his Instagram profile: @krassam.

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