Kampos (@kampos)


Kampos is a luxury Apparel brand based in Italy. It is built on the idea of sustainable luxury fashion and all of its pieces are handcrafted in Italy. Kampos is extremely unique as it produces apparel from recycled plastic from the oceans, which includes plastic bottles and fishing nets. This shows that they care about the environment deeply and are also innovative. The brand has received attention and media coverage from major international websites and networks, including Pambianco News, Corriere Della Sera, Le Temps, Sourcing Journal, Fashion Network, Business News, etc. The brand is emerging as an important proponent of sustainable luxury in the world of fashion and will surely continue to grow.

The brand was found by entrepreneur Alessandro Vergano with the unique vision to “offer luxury products with a conscience, now and for generations to come.” Based on this unique vision, Kampos adopts innovative ways to produce sustainable clothing. All of their products are made from recycled plastic bottles, abandoned fishing nets, recycled nylon fabrics, and organic fabrics. Each product is designed with a lot of care so its sustainability can be ensured. However, it is not just the production process that is sustainable but its products are also recyclable after use. This shows that they are deeply invested in creating sustainable products and producing socially-responsible and environmentally friendly products is their top priority. 

Co-founder and CEO Alessandro Vergano believes that fashion companies have large platforms that they should use carefully and positively. They should also make social issues a core part of their business model so they can actively integrate the betterment of society into their production process. In this spirit, Kampos has adopted sustainability as a core value and ensures that from its selection of raw materials to product development and packaging, every step is sustainable and environmentally friendly. They also ensure that their products are long-lasting and durable so consumers continue to invest in them and are satisfied with their own decision to purchase socially responsible products. 

Kampos also has a stellar creative team involved in its production and marketing. Many prominent creatives from Italy are involved; this includes the Carla Pozzi Agency and Art Director Roberto Da Pozzo in Milan. This allows the brand to market its clothing creatively and to reach a larger customer base. Kampos has not only made its production environment friendly but also uses its platform to raise awareness about the impact of plastic pollution. It also donates a percentage of its revenues to the One Ocean Foundation. 


Companies these days must engage in social media marketing to promote their brand and to build a following. The company can be found on Instagram as @kampos and has over 15 thousand followers. The page’s bio describes the company as “sustainable luxury” and states that they support the One Ocean Foundation, which is dedicated to accelerating solutions to ocean issues. Kampos uses Instagram as a platform to market its products in an informative way. Each product picture includes information about how it was produced, and what sustainable materials were used. For example, a recent post about their new Bao Hats, explains that the hats were handcrafted in Italy and produced by natural straw and organic cotton. They also post pictures of the sustainable material they use such as corals and describe how they are essential to the environment. The overall Instagram feed is very aesthetically pleasing and used beautiful and serene colors and pictures.

Kampos is emerging as a top brand in the world of sustainable fashion. It has shown that it is deeply committed to developing environmentally friendly production methods and has made sustainability a core business value. It uses its platform responsibly and does its best to create awareness about environmental issues. It also produces beautiful products and makes sure to market them effectively. The brand has already received a lot of traction and will continue to grow more popular and will emerge as a top luxury fashion brand.

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