Jovanté Bisson (@jovante_b)


The world is a global village and all sorts of advancements are being made every day to further improve the living quality of its inhabitants. All kinds of information are accessible to anyone anywhere in a matter of seconds as opposed to the hours it took of scouring through literature in the old days. We can communicate with someone across the globe with just one tap and stay connected with people with ease due to the technology introduced by great minds whose brains knew no boundaries and who made great advancements in the world. Every day, new software and applications are being introduced to easy our lives that are filled with innumerable tasks that require us to go through different businesses and companies that collectively cater to our everyday needs. Our days are a whirlwind of us going through numerous establishments to get our endless jobs done and having to make contact with people with all sorts of dealings and that can be exhausting and make our day very hectic. To bring some peace into our chaotic twenty-four hours, one man rose to meet the challenge of untangling the life of a person living in the 21st century.

Jovante Bisson is a young entrepreneur, who was born and grew up in Brampton, Canada, who came up with the idea of creating one platform for all sorts of dealings where we can find and contact a diverse range of businesses. Driven as he was, Jovante dedicated his entire time to develop something unique to him and could make the world more accessible to everyone. His hard work paid off and he made his first million dollars as a mere 16-year-old with the resources available to him at the time.

Like any 16-year-old in his situation, he blew the money in a short time.  Business is all about investments and risks and he used the money he had and tried to make something more with the investment he had put into himself. Before long, in just a short amount of time, by the time he had turned twenty-two, he had made more than the previous amount and now he and his team from Toronto, Ontario created the application ‘Bookerapp’ which is an exceptional application that eases the lives of countless people. 

The Bookerapp was designed to make life easy for whoever used it. This all allows us to make appointments online and provides us with a direct means to contact people from all kinds of businesses in one space without any hassle and gives access to customer notes and profiles so we can get the best possible service. Additionally, it helps us organize our schedules at the same time by providing an efficient time management feature that allows us to schedule our day to carry out the maximum amount of work in a short amount of time. It allows us to book, cancel and reschedule our appointments with the flick of a finger and also allows us to make or receive transactions in different sorts of payments like cash, cheque, credit, gift coupons, Groupons, etc. People using this application have the added advantage of having access to special discounts provided by the app! 

Jovante also wanted to help other aspiring entrepreneurs so he gave them a platform where they could get more visits to their startups. Individuals starting their businesses have a great opportunity to enter the market by registering their services through this app. Anyone who visited this site would get automatic exposure to all the companies listed.

Having become successful in this field, Jovante has made a few friends living the same lifestyle and taking the same risks as him. He has also been introduced to celebrities including Jake Paul and Givani Smith due to the connections he has made. He regularly interacts with his fans through @Jovante_b on Instagram and answers all queries and business-related questions on his Company Instagram @thebookerapp! He has attained so much success at a young age and there’s no doubt that he’ll go much farther!

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