Fardad Kaviany (@fardadkaviany)


Fardad is a man of great talents. He’s from the United Arab Emirates and successfully runs two very popular and exciting ventures. He is the CEO and founder of a music tv channel that airs in the Middle East and North Africa and is extremely popular there. He also has another interesting job that is, the CEO of FashionTV (MENA). Besides this, he has also been a judge for Miss Europe. Since Fardad’s work is on the creative side, it is no surprise that he is also the producer of a Nepali comedy movie. If all of this wasn’t enough for a resume, he is also an entrepreneur and an environmental activist.

Fardad was only a teenager when he set out to begin his career in production. While working in production, he also launched the first-ever advertising magazine that turned out great for him. He is a great marketer as well, and his marketing skills have been endorsed by many of his colleagues, employees, and employers. His career was meant to see an upscale as with the launch of satellite TV, he got even more into TV. His previous experience allowed him to tackle the obstacles that came in his way and landed the position of the regional manager for an international TV channel. He worked hard and his hard work paid off as he soon became the COO for the very same tv channel.

His enthusiasm for TV coupled with his love for music and fashion led him to launch not only his music TV channel which became a great hit but also launch FashionTV MENA which is an international tv channel broadcasted all over the world. FashionTV is a fashion and lifestyle channeling network that was launched in the 1970s by a polish man. It is now distributed all around the world, with thousands of cable systems and many satellites as well. The channel covers all mega fashion shows and events, and their website is home to the stories of all great brands and fashion icons who’ve made it big in the international fashion industry. They cover all fashion-related events and happenings, and the channel is broadcasted all over the world, in almost all continents with millions of viewers.

His TV channel, 4MusicTV, is the biggest music tv channel in the Middle East and North Africa. It is the source of entertainment to a great chunk of the population there and serves its purpose well by bringing fresh, new English music to its 30 million viewers every single day. They cover all the big and upcoming artists and their hits. They have a wide spectrum of genres that they cover on the channel. Unlike most music tv channels, they do not air the same music every few weeks. Instead, you get to see the latest and the most popular artists up there every day. From pop to modern electronic music, they have it all. The channel’s popularity has been unparalleled since it was founded in 2009, and it stays that way to date.

Besides producing a movie, he has also directed and produced many tv commercials for big corporations like Samsung and Huawei. He has produced fashion shows on his FashionTV channel and was also the producer for Arab Fashion Week.

Fardad’s message to the masses is to stay kind and become the best versions of ourselves. We are all here for a reason, and we must fulfill our purpose in the world while we’re here. And that is only possible when we work hard and strive with whatever potential that we have been gifted. He is someone who started at his career young and is now smashing it in production and Television. We must all aspire to be like him, to find what we love the most, and to have fun doing it. To catch up on his adventures in the world of music and fashion, you can always visit his Instagram that goes by the username @fardadkaviany. He currently has 9.5K followers on his Instagram account.

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