Edward Grullon (@napolesmusic)


Music is an art form that triggers our feelings in different ways. The soul of music comprises of rhythm, pitch, texture, timbre, and dynamics. Music is used in different forms and varied sectors and the results are beyond one’s understanding.  In today’s culture, music is a large part of our lives. Music is an instant mood lifter. It touches the soul and helps you connect with people. It heals one’s mind. Music takes care of mental needs. It helps in overcoming disabilities of any form. Most people like music, but some love it and some live for it. When someone becomes a musician they learn many things that non-musicians would never know. Not everyone has the drive to be a musician. Musicians express their feelings in their music. Music is an art, musicians are the artists that bring that art to us. 


CEO of Fragment Muzik, Edward ‘Napoles’ Grullon, an artist who ponders the music with a deeper appreciation, more feeling, and do all for the love of it. Dedicating countless hours of practicing and performing to his art. Musicians are born just like anyone, but somewhere they notice something happening in their heads, like an inner orchestra that begins to play. It begins with one or more instruments, ringing distinctly and clearly inside their ‘third ears’. With time, this develops into a need to express that what is being played in their heads outside their heads. They become a player. So, as Napoles did. He was blessed with this art of nature, and from a young age, he was attracted to music. The first award he grabbed motivated him to this career path. 

In 2000, he started his music career in a group called Conexion which was the first Latin Urban group signed to a major label (Interscope Records). He then took a step forward, and form a group called Fragment Crew which was signed to Univision Records. Focusing on his career, Fragment Muzik, a production company was founded by Napoles. It has become one of the most sought after and highly regarded producers in the Latin music industry. Napoles gave hits like, down, Al Ritmo DE LA SOCA, Paso La Vida, and many others, he entertained his listeners and provided them with the music to soothe their ears and match their vibe, in return he managed to grab eleven thousand followers on his Instagram account. 

Success always comes to those who struggle. DJ Napoles also managed to build an impressive resume working with some of the biggest names in the business like; Aventura, Juanes, Enrique Iglesias, Zion, Pitt Bull, Daddy Yankee, Notch, and Tego Calderon just to name a few. Including a Grammy nomination as a member and producer for the group DLG in 2009, a nomination for a Latin Grammy as a producer for Prince Royce in 2010 and DJ Napoles recently won a Latin Billboard Award for Tropical Album of the Year for his work on the Prince Royce Album. To be concluded, he is a 5 times Latin Billboard Awards winner, a 3-time Grammy-nominated producer. To get nominated for Grammys is a very special moment for him. 

His work also includes the Remix to Aventura’s song El Malo featuring Sensato which has been taking over the airwaves of Mun2 and MTV tr3s. Along with producing for today’s top artists and continuing his career as a solo artist, DJ Napoles currently tours Latin America and Europe as a DJ and opened up a state of the art recording studio in Manhattan, NY.

His work is recognized and loved, he has a unique style and most importantly he stays true to himself. The dedication and devotion he has towards his career are proved by the awards and recognition he got. To listen to some good music pieces follow “napolesmusic” on Instagram.

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