Daniel Kaye (@drkayebeats)


Daniel Kaye is an up and coming UK based music producer who is most commonly known as DRKaye. Daniel is on his way to make it big in the music industry as he continues working with artists from all around the world. 


For Daniel, it seems like music was the ultimate passion in his life. He has been a huge music lover ever since he has had the memory of doing so. due to this, the prospect of having a full-time career in music was something that was always playing in his mind. The turning point of his life that he thinks led him to where he is today is when he was in college studying TV and Film. During that time, he would be using Logic Pro to use on foley editing and similar stuff. At that point in his life, he had also just finished that course and had decided to permanently move to London and start going to a music school in Bow, East London. With that change in his direction and his mind made, he just knew that this decision was the right one as he began his journey in music production.

Being in the music industry has bound to have brought Daniel some extremely unique experiences and stories to share. When Daniel is asked this question, his mind immediately goes to the night when he went to attend a show where a few of his friends were performing at. When it was the time for the last song of the show, everyone rushed on top of the stage and started moshing. They moved around and jumped so much that Daniel thinks he may have accidentally stood on top of someone else’s foot but did not think too much of it. It was only when he lifted his head up that he realised that the person on whose foot he had just stepped on was Lethal Bizzle! Lethal Bizzle is an incredibly successful British rapper and actor and someone who Daniel had been a huge fan of. He says that he still cannot get over this moment and plays in his head to this day.

Some of the hardships have come to Daniel’s way as his work has been duplicated, copied, and plagiarized as other others people work. Due to this, Daniel has been having a difficult time with other people perceiving his original work as copied when it is the one that is genuine. As he slowly gains popularity and gains a reputation for himself in the music industry, it is things that like that make the journey more difficult for him. Daniel hopes that his account gets verified on social media platforms so this situation could be helped a little, through this, lesser people will be looking at other social media pages that are pretending to be Daniel and can look up Daniel’s work directly. 

Despite the hardships like this and others that generally come hand in hand with having a creative career as music production is, Daniel is extremely grateful and humble about everything that he has achieved so far in his career. He says that he would, above all, like to give a massive thank you to every single person who has supported him so far. It is because of these people that he has been able to reach the heights he has reached. Calling his career a crazy rollercoaster of a journey, he says that despite the hardships that come with it, he would not change it for a thing and hopes that he continues to release loads and loads of new, original music.

One can keep up with Daniel Kaye and his upcoming projects by following him across various social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. His username for all of them is drkayebeats. 

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