Cerious Note (@trapgodcnote)


Art is the only language understood worldwide. It is an outlet for one to truly express themselves. And music is one of the most important forms of art. It provides a platform for people to put their thoughts out for others to understand. Music has guided humanity through the darkest of times. It has provided hope when there was only hopelessness and defeat. Through their talent, musicians have the power to change the world. A Musician’s ability to move hearts and touch souls is unparalleled. The language of music knows no bounds, it isn’t limited to any borders. Musicians hold the extraordinary power of uniting people all over the globe through their art. Cerious Note is one of the many talented musicians in the world, who has changed countless lives. This extremely talented individual has been captivating the hearts of audiences all over the world through his art.

Out of the few people talented and driven enough to make a mark in the world of music, Cerious Note is a quickly emerging name in the industry. Hailing from Minneapolis Minnesota, Cerious is a star in the making and an up and coming name in the world of hip hop. In a short period of time Cerious has been able to create a buzz in the hip hop industry, unlike anyone else. Cerious believes in using his art to bring change into the world, which is why he makes sure to create music that not only sounds good but also attempts to do good for the world. His distinct style and pronounced music are what has helped this emerging singer attract and fascinate audiences all around the globe right from the beginning of his career. His extraordinary talents have allowed Cerious to break through the brass ceiling and build a loyal and devoted fan base. 

Cerious Note can almost always be seen in the studio working on his art. Even though his career is still at its inception, the star has managed to release 20 highly successful mixtapes, where he talks about the ups and downs of life. His EP “Minneapolis Most Wanted” gained nationwide success and turned Cerious into a household name with his melodic yet thought-provoking music. Note has the incredible ability to narrate his struggles and shortcomings through his songs. Cerious makes music to which the masses can relate to – making his work stand out from the crowd. Cerious demonstrates all these amazing skills yet again in his album “Destined for Greatness” which catapulted his career to unimaginable heights. Cerious has gained an incredible amount of fame and popularity in such a short period of time, his accolades bearing witness to his astounding work ethic and dedication. 

Making music may seem like an easy path to success. But in reality, it takes a lot more than just passion and desire to make a mark in the world of music. The notorious music industry demands one to be incredibly diligent and driven in order to make a name for themselves in the industry. Cerious has had to overcome all sorts of discrimination and obstacles to gain success and stardom in the harsh world of music. This aspiring artist has shown time and time again that he has the ability to adapt himself according to the fast-paced nature of the music world. With his determination and ability to face any challenge head-on, this young artist has been able to make his dream of inspiring people through his art, come true in a short amount of time. 

Cerious’s career is an inspiration for all aspiring artists to come. His incredible journey is evidence that hard work pays off. His career now stands proof that if one faces the challenges life throws at them head-on, nothing can stop them from achieving greatness. You can keep up with Cerious’s incredible work by following his Instagram @trapgodcnote.

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