Aundrea Smith (@aundrea.lorena.smith)


Talent and confidence are the two departments that kids do not fall short in nowadays by any means. It might be because of the increasing availability of resources, exposure to things like television and music from an early age, or encouragement from parents. These factors could possibly play into children having overflowing confidence and a burning desire to pursue something they like from childhood. For some, it could be singing, for others, it could be acting or modeling. For Aundrea Lorena Smith, however, it was all three. 

Croatian-American entertainer Aundrea proved from a young age that she was a force to be reckoned with and was not going to let anything stop her from pursuing what she was passionate about. For as long as she can remember, Aundrea loved doing mock fashion shows, pretending she was a supermodel rocking the runway in front of world-renowned, luxury designers and celebrities. Whether it was singing her heart out or acting out some sketches and scenarios she had made, the enjoyment and ease she felt was unmatched, and seeing how she lit up when performing, her family knew she was going to make something of it.

At the tender age of four, Aundrea told her mother that she wanted to act and that it was something she loved doing, and her mother offered her support. Knowing she had a support system in her family, she was encouraged to improve and to take chances, which enabled her to grow and learn from those around her. She felt most natural and at ease in front of the camera, and this comfort and confidence allowed her to book her first national commercial at the age of 4! After that, she went on to work with some of the biggest sport and athletic brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Gap. Having grown up in Minnesota, commuting to her bookings was proving to become difficult considering Aundrea had no lack of gigs even at 5 years old. Consequently, Aundrea, her mother, and her brother moved to Los Angeles, California after she was scouted and it was where she would be at ease in her career. 


Her modeling career was substantially solid from the start. Aged 5, Aundrea became a model for Target and became a regular for their “Art Class” and “Cat and Jack” collections. Having maintained a good relationship with the company, she accomplished even more than she expected by becoming a style advisor for one of their children’s lines of clothing, the same one she happened to model for! Her acting and singing career also expanded pretty early on and it continues to flourish. As of this year, Aundrea is a regular on Disney+ TV’s “Diary of the Future President”, and she was the lead singer on “Home Before Dark”, an Apple TV original show. Sporting lead roles in family adventure movie “Mysti” and “Always and 4Ever”, Aundrea has had a career more stable than most, and she has only shown upward growth since starting out. 

In June of this year, Audrea had a main role in the zombie survival movie, “The Clearing”. Acting alongside “Spartacus” actor Liam McIntyre and “The Black Panther” actress Sydelle Noel, it is safe to say that Audrea is proving her worth in the acting industry and is not slowing down on her road to becoming a top actress. 

Aundrea is active on her Instagram (@aundrea.lorena.smith) where she candidly shares tidbits of her life at home, downtime, her being playful with her co-stars on the sets of the movies and shows she is doing. She is interactive and her gorgeous visuals and bubbly personality have garnered over 41,000 followers! She loves to cook, read, swim and sing, and her current favorite read is The Land of Stories by Chris Colfer.

On the side, Audrea has done different gigs including guest appearances on Reality Shows, namely “Twisted Sisters” produced by Khloe Kardashian, voice-overs, and even music videos! Her persistence and hard work have helped in getting her far, and her advice to other young hopefuls is to be thick-skinned, be persistent, and never give up! 

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