Ashley Massengill (@ashley_massengill)


Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Ashley Massengill is a successful businesswoman, philanthropist, and a public figure. She is the founder of AM/PM Academy and AM/PM Credit Repair. She launched her business in 2017 and since then she is working tirelessly to help and mentor others to become a successful business owner.

When Ashley started her career she found it very difficult to find trustworthy people who did not have an ulterior motive. Therefore, she decided to launch her business to motivate entrepreneurs to take charge of their financial situations to avoid people who will take advantage of a start-up business. AM/PM Credit Repair is a company that takes an in-depth look at a person’s credit card to help strategize a plan for any future loans a person might need. It gives them credit consultation, debt management, removal of credit errors, and unlimited support from the entire team including Ashley. Since 2017 they have managed to help thousands of customers to increase their credit scores, saved people from bankruptcy, helped with student loans and tax payments, and many more. Its success has made it a multimillion-dollar company in just 3 years. On her Instagram page @ashley_massengill a snippet of her company’s success is visible. For her 10.4k followers she posts about her work life and more importantly she posts customer reviews and how happy they are of her company’s service.


In today’s world where everyone is struggling to become a successful business owner, they need proper guidance to get to where they want to reach. Ashley saw this as an opportunity to help and guide entrepreneurs to reach their goals. She launched an academy by the name AM/PM Academy for the sole purpose to share her knowledge. She teaches an online course of 8 weeks consisting of nine modules which offer legal structuring, branding, credit laws, credit repair software, disputing, websites to help, how to add more streams of income, building a team, and lastly marketing. The academy plays an important role in teaching students that a person does not need thousands of dollars to set up their business. Consistency and knowing the right tools will help a person reach their goal. Ashley’s ultimate goal for this academy is to make every student capable of taking the big step to launch their dream project. Many graduates have come forward to show their gratitude towards Ashley’s guidance. From what they learned in an 8-week course they have managed to complete their goal and are now successful entrepreneurs. Because of its popularity and its great results, in just 18 months it has generated over one million dollars in sales and for this, she received an award.

Apart from running multimillion-dollar companies, she is also an author. First Class Credit is a book by Ashley to help consumers understand the world of credit. It is a book for people to teach them what is not taught in schools. It provides financial knowledge on how to manage, restore your credit, and send disputes to the credit bureaus. In addition to this, it helps consumer’s personal growth and provides them with an opportunity to enhance their business knowledge.

Ashley is aware of the fact that being able to make a change in other people’s lives through her knowledge and wealth is a duty that comes with being a public figure. On different occasions, she has made large donations for a good cause. Recently, she donated 20,000 dollars in cash to her old high school for college scholarships to help students pay their tuition. Furthermore, she has donated 15,000 dollars to support the lives of people severely affected by Covid-19. She also urges people to help others in a difficult time like this. Because of her ability to make a change and inspire others, she has been invited to television shows and interviews to share her wisdom with the world.

Ashley is a well-set example of a hard worker who is building a massive empire to help and inspire aspiring entrepreneurs. Her generosity, compassionate nature, and humbleness are the reasons people admire her. She is constantly working and giving back to the people who supported her from the start. Her mentoring ability has changed many lives and is continuously changing more.

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