Andrew Di Pardo (@andrew_dipardo)


Andrew Di Pardo is a talented filmmaker who originates from Toronto, Canada. This man started his career at the young age of 17 and since has made multiple brilliant films while directing television series. He is also an amazing actor which classifies him as someone with many qualities and skills. On top of this, he has been nominated for several awards at festivals! Although his career has only begun, he appears to be a promising and hard-working member of the film industry. 

Andrew has always been fascinated by different forms of art. He grew up in a home where art was appreciated and seen as a credible career option. His father was a photographer thus, his life was surrounded by photography and diverse films everywhere. This upbringing grew a heavy influence on Andrew by helping him cultivate his passion for films. At 12, he wrote his first screenplay after taking inspiration from the movies of Steven Spielberg and Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man. His motivation to write led him to produce screenplays until he directed his first short film. According to Andrew, his most significant life success is directing a feature film by the age of twenty, which was a goal he set to accomplish in his thirties. Andrew’s goal was practical as most people receive opportunities as a director late in their careers. However, Andrew proved to himself that he can from a young age direct, act, and compose good films. His diverse expertise in filmmaking gave him a head start in his career and a way to earn more opportunities.

Andrew shifted to America to respond to more offers of work and build his career. This shift opened many new projects for Andrew allowing him to grow as a filmmaker. His mind was filled with fresh ideas and concepts to bring alive into the cinema. His collaborator showed support for many of his thoughts as they were good enough to be delivered to the networks in America. In April 2012, he presented a great idea for a sitcom called “Life is Hell” to a production company in Pittsburg. The deal didn’t pull through and ultimately was broken off. However, Andrew continued his search for more projects and never quit hustling. Eventually, Andrew started making short films that were directed, acted, and even written by his collaborator and him. They produced 14 indie films together, and this became the greatest highlight of their careers! The movie “Deep trouble” was accepted into two festivals and nominated for three awards; Andrew getting one of them for the “Best Director”. 

In 2015, Upon graduating from The Toronto Film School, Andrew focused his life on writing and directing in America. In 2016 he released his film “Under the Gun” and Violators in 2017. He also contributed to the comedy genre with the release of “The Rush Chairman” the same year! 

Andrew’s most recent work is “Decades Apart” which he co-wrote and directed himself. It’s a short live-action film that has been published on Amazon prime, in the august of 2018. It is available in 68 countries and accounts for two nominated awards in different film festivals. “Decades Apart” is a thrilling sci-fiction that sends a person sitting on the edge just wondering what comes next. The film continues to entertain more people and still is received with positive feedback globally. There is additional news that a theatre development of this film is on its way for a show in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you are a film geek and into short narratives, then check the film’s link out!

Andrew’s love for filmmaking has given birth to a lot of brilliant work. He will continue to serve many projects and assures excellent results. One upcoming movie by Andrew is FLAVIO that is predicted to release in 2021. He is an inspiration for many struggling filmmakers in the industry waiting to make a breakthrough. Many people can learn from Andrew’s determined and never giving up a personality that has driven him to such success. Andrew is approachable and can be located on many social media platforms. His Instagram handle is andrew_dipardo and you can also contact him through his website;  

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