Roshawn Patrick Allen (@turestrl)


Some companies host a lot of graphic designers and work as marketing agencies, some are business agencies and help establish businesses, some are finance companies who decide how and when to tax us, etc. There’s no limit to how many different kinds of companies exist in the world and what purposes they fulfill. Every culture, job, and new development brings in a new splurge of job opportunities and self-starters take advantage of these opportunities and establish their businesses to cater to them. However, a lot of people are ambitious and take on more than what they can deal with and there has to be someone to cater to these struggling institutions. It’s a wonder that not many have considered this as it seems to be a common occurrence and thus it formulated the plan to produce a company that executes the ideals of those unable to meet their demands.The creator of this company, Roshawn Patrick Allen, has to be credited for all the success of this endeavor as it was always a project he dreamed of, saw the opportunity of executing, and then established alone. 

Roshawn established the company Truestrl Inc for one purpose; to fulfill the needs of those coming up short. He developed a website for it: and started working on it, building it up from the very bottom. He created a simple description for himself that he narrated on his site assuring everyone that he was there to help all struggling businessmen and entrepreneurs. He designated the role of Designer for himself claiming that he could take the vision someone else provided and make it come to life. He said ‘I find the underlying essence of your brand and creatively bring it to the forefront. Leaving you with a unique and authentic imprint within the industry of your choosing.’ His basic description is that he’s there to pick up everyone’s slack and help them form their identity in the industry and work towards their goals! He summarized his Mission on his website which states that ‘I transform your grand ideas/concept into reality.’ He calls himself the essential tool for the creator to use to bring their dreams into reality!

Truestrl Inc. isn’t there to exploit its clients. They don’t charge a lot and cater to companies of all sizes- something he highlights in the Mission statement as well: I passionately dedicate our creativity and innovation to motivate businesses small or large.’ One thing that promises its validity and authenticity of service is that Roshawn Patrick has made it into his life. This is something he has built from the ground up and he offers no compromise in any kind of service from his end!


Roshawn has worked with people from very high positions in the industry. He has been hired not just by struggling start-ups, but also by big names in the media industry. He has worked with Chanel West Coast, Blac Chyna, Baron Davis, Jeremih, Lil Durk, and many others! However, there is one hurdle in his uphill journey to success and that is the lack of credit he receives. Most of his clients are high-profile and fail to credit those who have tirelessly worked to create their content. While this action is petty, what’s even more astonishing is the reason he isn’t credited. The reason behind this shocking fact is that he fails to get his credit is because his account isn’t verified! High profile agents are known to collaborate with verified accounts and thus he is often not credited only because his Instagram isn’t verified.

With the quality of work Roshawn has produced in the last few years, there’s no doubt that this man is on his journey up. However, with such a thing holding him back, his fans must come together to help him reach his verified status so that he may be credited as he deserves to. His Instagram is @truestrl and he looks forward to meeting more of you and interacting with us!

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