Luis Barrios (@barriosluisangel)


Where there are people who spend eons trying to discover their true calling, others realize them at an early age. From a young age, these people have an uncanny attraction to what will later become their life’s main goal. This was the case for Luis Barrios, who grew up with a father who was a civil engineer. Growing up, Luis would always be fascinated by the different ways he could make sand buildings with his sister. He would stare wide-eyed at his father’s house and building designs and regularly give his input. His father saw how interested he was, and would always indulge his son’s curiosities.

He became interested in architecture, and at the age of twenty-one, he left his hometown in Mexico and moved to Madrid, Spain. There, he studied architecture at university and chose to permanently settle down once he had completed his degree. Rather than a technical science to be learned, Luis viewed architecture as an art and passion. He wanted to be an architect and a designer of buildings that translated art and beauty into his work. 

The turning point in his learning process arrived when he took a class with Andres Perea, one of the most respected and celebrated architects in Spain. Perea has built everything from airports to sheltered housing. What made him fall in love with the field of architecture in a different way and the thing that changed his entire perspective, however, was not what was taught in the class, but the stories that Perea shared with them about architecture and things other than architecture. He developed a way of critical thought, and it ingrained in him the importance of nature and the different ways that man chooses to occupy it. Luis remembers the class indulgently as he claims that it made him a different person than he used to be.

After completing his degree, Luis went on to pursue a career in architecture. Other than bettering his skills as an architect, he gained more and more experience in the field of business and started a platform for teaching others all of the knowledge that he had gathered with all his years of studying the subject and craft. During this time, he learned to stand on his own two feet and fend for himself. As he lived in a foreign country, it was challenging at the start but he persevered and ultimately reached his goal of a well-settled and stable lifestyle.

As of now, Luis is a part of two business startups that he has laid down the foundations for himself. One is an architecture business with two friends and another one is on e-commerce with another one of his friends and housemate. He also has two websites where he expands more on his business. One can easily visit his website for more details on the services offered by his startup. It is easily navigable and consumer-friendly, with an aesthetically pleasing layout. One can rest assured that whatever project they have will be treated with the utmost professionalism and dedication.

For his e-commerce business, he runs his website This startup deals with multiple things. They provide creative services from trained professionals on planning and managing brand image on social networks, management of ad campaigns that help to increase traffic on websites, and others related to digital marketing.

Not only this, but he also has a website where he sells products and is running that business successfully. He is a credible source for a wide range of merchandise and is a direct retailer for these brands. He is pursuing this side venture on the website

Luis Barrios is a prime example of how wide a person can spread their wings once they take a leap of faith and learn to be independent. He started off as a simple architecture student who expanded his vision and now has his finger in many pies. We look forward to what exciting new ventures he aims for in the future.

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