Jacob Silveira (@jacob__silveira)


Jacob Silveira is a motivational and inspirational speaker based in the US. He is a well-educated individual who recently graduated from university and is now using what he learned from there to pass it on. Jacob believes in helping people be their best selves so that they can form better relationships and better life goals. He hopes to help as many people get on the right track as he can.

Jacob has always been one who is fond of learning. This meant that he was the studious kind of child in school. He enjoyed being productive and using his time wisely as this was instilled in him from a very early age. His close ones taught him the importance of working hard and being determined. Jacob reflected and radiated this throughout his schooling. When he was in high school, he started looking for options ahead.

Jacob got accepted to the University of California, Riverside and he was thrilled. Being one who was determined to help himself be a more confident person and the same with others, he majored in Public Speaking and minored in Business. Through these programs, he was able to form many bonds with his peers and his instructors. He has worked under the guidance of many experts in the field and has experienced plenty.

Recently, Jacob graduated and decided to take the next steps forward in his life. Through his degree, he learned not only how to be a better speaker but also to be much more compassionate towards others. Jacob wished to help others and so he started coaching people about life and business. When he got a positive response to his talks, he began traveling across the US to help many others. Jacob has been doing this for quite some time now and his listeners love it. He has helped revive the passion and spark in them and motivated them to do better for themselves.

Currently, the young inspirational man has over 30.3k followers on Instagram. He is also very active on other social media platforms such as LinkedIn. He makes sure to upload content very frequently to stay in touch with his followers. He provides them with diverse content so that they get to understand him on a much more personal level. He enjoys being open with his followers.

Given that Jacob’s work takes him to many places, naturally, he spends a lot of time exploring whenever he visits somewhere new. Jacob is a fun-loving an adventurous type of person, so traveling is quite enjoyable for him. Whenever he goes someplace new, he tries to plan so that he can take some time off to discover the place and learn about it. He enjoys seeing places with beautiful scenic views like the ocean or a lake. He is also a huge fan of snowboarding as he thoroughly loves the thrill and rush that comes with it.

In addition to traveling and sightseeing, Jacob likes spending time with his friends. His close ones enjoy his company as he gives off positive energy. He is constantly cracking jokes – making them feel appreciated by him. He knows exactly how to make his friends feel loved. Jacob and his friends are often out, dancing their nights away. They enjoy relaxing with a few drinks and a good atmosphere. Jacob is incredibly grateful to be around so many people who support him.

Jacob gets plenty of messages by so many of his fans, followers, and clients thanking him for the work he has put in for them. He has tirelessly helped so many businesses and many college and high school students. He has had so many success stories – bringing his clients so much joy and happiness. He is truly fulfilled when he sees the positive messages pouring in after a talk of his.

Jacob is enjoying his life and living it to the fullest while still giving so much. He is surely a successful man with a kind heart. He hopes, in the future, he can help even more people by growing his social media reach and extending a helping hand online.

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