Dixie Mech (@dixiemech)


Dixie Mech is an internationally acclaimed top brand that designs and sells custom luxury mechanical keyboards, keycaps, desk-pads, and much more. The company is based in Huntsville, Alabama, and is the premier place where design and business collide. It strives to bring the customer the very best experience, the most luxuriously designed products, the best quality in the market along with the best customer service experience.

Dixie Mech was founded three years ago, by Garrett Moore. Garret has a college degree in graphic design and was working a dead-end job as a designer for a promotional company at the time. He had been part of the mechanical keyboard community as a consumer for a few years and decided to open up his shop so that he could design things that brought him joy instead of the mindless tasks he did not enjoy doing at his day job. He ran Dixie Mech for two years as his side business before quitting his day job to pursue it full time. He and his wife have been running the business full time for a year now and their business is growing rapidly. They have achieved great success in such a short amount of time. Garret loves being self-employed and working alongside his wife on a venture that he is truly passionate about, doing work that he loves doing.

Dixie Mech is Garret’s passion project and personal business that aims to serve the mechanical keyboard community in the role of both a vendor and designer. This community is a niche community that is composed of people who are extremely passionate about mechanical keyboards and various related accessories. As a member of this community himself, Garret noticed a stark lack of design everywhere. Hence, he decided to bring design into the community and raise the standards of the available products. He started by designing stickers to go on keyboards and computers and quickly branched out. Today, Dixie Mech is one of the most popular vendors in its niche. Close to everything is done inhouse, Garret designed every logo himself, made the website, marketed every product and even designed a few products on his own. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears go into growing a personal business, but it has paid off in a big way with all the success the company has had. Earlier this year, they were lucky enough to be included in one of Linus Tech Tips videos as well. Their YouTube channel has over eleven million subscribers and the video that featured the Dixie Mech keyboard has over two million views today.


Dixie Mech offers a wide range of stunningly designed products and customizations, from keycaps, desk-pads, and keyboards, the details of which can be found on their website https://dixiemech.com/. They are extremely active on various social media platforms and can be found under @dixiemech on Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, Facebook, Reddit and you can even join them on Discord at discord.gg/dixiemech. On Instagram alone, they have more than a staggering twenty-five thousand followers. They post tasteful pictures of their beautiful designs and products which has garnered them a huge fan following. They have built a great community for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts who can often be found commenting and engaging with their posts and content. 

In such a short time, Dixie Mech has managed to establish themselves internationally as a top brand in their niche. Their innovative and stunning designs, exceptional quality, and southern charm have set them apart from all other competitors. The amount of passion, dedication, hard work, and love that they have put into this venture, is reflected in the quality of their work and their outstanding success. And as they continue to work with passion and vigour, they are bound to find even more success in the future. The company and their story is truly an inspiration for all the people who are considering taking the plunge and starting their own business or wish to pursue their passion professionally. 

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