Christa Dellebovi (@ctrux_fit)


Christina Dellebovi is both the director of training and education and a celebrity/face of CLMBR’s at-home, on-demand classes that are similar to Peloton but these classes are conducted primarily on climbing machines. Dellebovi is one of Denver’s best-known fitness professionals in both capacities – as a fitness instructor and for talent development as well.

For Dellebovi, fitness was not always the career choice she thought she would be heading towards. She started her professional career in business as she acquired an MBA from the University of Colorado where she also worked in the Sports Marketing department for the Colorado Rapids for more than six years. While she had a passion and interest in fitness, she had always thought of it has a side-hobby or a part-time job on the side for her as she concentrated on her career in business.


As a part of her part-time job as she loved fitness, specifically group fitness, she started out teaching Body Pump at 24-Hour Fitness in the year 2012 since that was her favorite class while she was a student herself. After acquiring her certification in teaching Body Pump, Body Combat, Grit, and Booty Barre, she made a switch for a few years where she taught boutique fitness at Orange Theory where she found herself making strong personal connections with the members there. While she loved the boutique environment and learned a lot, she decided it was the time to change somethings as she had realized where her passion truly lied. In 2017, she took a large leap of faith and entered the fitness industry as a full-time worker. She started working at Cycle Bar Orchard Park Place as an instructor and a General Manager both.

It was last year, in 2019, that she started working as a Lead Instructor with Rise Nation in Colorado. As Rise Nation opened three different studios in the Denver Metro Area, it was an incredibly good opportunity for Dellebovi. For her, it’s been a wonderful experience watching Rise Nation grow bigger both as a brand and as a community. She was also there to watch as the people working on the for Rise Nation to grow as well. She now feels right at home as the Director of Training with twenty other incredibly talented instructors working beside her with the same passion for teaching as her.

Aside from her work at Rise Nation, she is also incredibly happy to be a part of the team at CLMBR. CLMBR offers some of the most efficient full-body workouts ever by offering unique combinations of high-intensity cardio, resistance strength training, and connected technology so that a person benefits the most from all types of workouts. CLMBR also being a new fitness equipment company, is launching its own state-of-the-art renowned climbing machine with engaging metrics, guided climbs, and on-demand classes all later this year.

Despite the current situation brought on by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic all over the world, it surely has made things difficult for the service sector as it requires to be met in person. Despite this, Dellebovi has altered how she would usually conduct her classes in a way that is safe and productive for herself and her students. At Rise Nation, they have made sure to follow all the CDC guidelines while also making sure that the classes still feel normal. To make everyone feel as safe as possible, they make sure to take all the necessary precautions such as social distancing and temperature checks. The reviews on the ClassPass website also say that Dellebovi is an incredibly light-hearted instructor who is so fun that she makes all the intensive cardio sessions better and enjoyable. There were also reviews specifically about Dellebovi’s choice in music that leaves everyone in the class incredibly pumped up to exercise harder.

To keep up with Dellebovi’s projects and life, one can join her 10 thousand followers on Instagram at the handle @ctrux_fit.

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