Arthur Moore (@dkotic)


With the immense rise in population growth, for us, the audiences sitting back at homes, it has been a long journey continually welcoming new artists around the globe. Every other week we tend to come across a song or a music video that goes viral and hits the top on the music charts. No wonder, these artists put extreme hard work into their careers when they produce a masterpiece well enjoyed by the audience. We need to give them their due credit and appreciate them enough for their efforts. In the music industry, it is laborious to stand out considering the potential competition, but a few artists have been quite lucky in making a mark in the beginning years of their careers.

One such artist Arthur Moore, better recognized by his stage name “Dkotic”, fits the example of the lucky achievers. Born on December 6, 1997, Arthur is currently a musical artist belonging to the West Memphis, Arkansas. As a young kid, at just 8 years of age, Arthur lived under an environment surrounded by music. Coming from a family who was already brought up by singers, Arthur grew up inheriting the identical passion for music since his childhood and decided onto carrying the legacy. Luck flipped Arthur’s life when he got in touch with one of the most celebrated rappers of the industry known by the name “iHeartMemphis”, an American rapper recognized by his best debut single, Hit the Quan.

After getting to know his fellow rapper, Arthur and he together worked on the creation of a song called “Lil Dance”. To their utter surprise, this song went viral and took over the internet in no time. On multiple social media platforms namely, TikTok, Instagram, and Dubsmash, people admired the song to an extent that Arthur’s fame grew to a broader level. Although Arthur began sharing his original music with the world on Youtube in 2015, it took him approximately 2 more years to establish his name amongst the other artists. In 2016, when Arthur released the song “Hol Up Down”, he gained numerous fans as they preferred what he produced. Shortly after this year, he released the viral song Lil Dance. By the mid of 2017, with building fame Arthur joined, a platform featuring dances and dubbing and earned much recognition on that application.

With the continued success after success, throughout the journey of his music career, Arthur had been privileged enough to be surrounded by some of the most prominent figures in this field. The biggest star-struck moment of Arthur’s life was meeting Post Malone. Arthur was at the backstage during his concert and after it ended, Post Malone personally went up at him to greet him. Being a die-hard fan Of Malone, Arthur could not keep the thrill inside and shared his love for him in person. On finding out and listening to Arthur, Post Malone instantly became a fan. This encounter with such a big artist made Arthur wonder how lucky he was to get that kind of reaction from a star.

Today, Arthur has managed to stand out in his field by creating some of the most engaging kind of music. On his official Instagram handle by the name @dkotic, Arthur has a following of as huge as 54.3k where his fans are entertained through all the updates and ventures Arthur takes. However, besides Instagram, Arthur has personal official accounts on Tiktok, Twitter, and other platforms to gain reputation and increase the number of his audience. Currently, Arthur is experimenting with some more music with the platinum recording artist, iLoveMemphis. And because their collaboration is much praised by the fans, Arthur is pleased to be working with him. Arthur Moore today,  is an inspiration to many young enthusiastic music lovers who are mad about acquiring a stable career.

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