Angus Kirkby (@anguskirkbyworld)


The fashion industry is one industry that has seen the fastest rate of growth and still grows to this day with no signs of stopping. With a lot of creative freedom being explored, diversity entering the market, and resources allowing anyone and everyone to explore their talents are designers, the fashion industry has succeeded in opening doors for a lot of individuals. These are opportunities for people who lack resources or exposure to showcase their talent and express their ideas and emotions in the form of something tangible, like clothing, on platforms like open shows, social media, etc. There is increasing acceptance and a widening gap between the industry as it was a century ago and how it is now, which means a lot of talented people have been able to use this as a form of expression. 

Youngsters with an interest in fashion have taken to social media to practice their creative freedom and pursue fashion and designing to launch themselves into an already dense industry. Platforms like Instagram and TikTok have given rise young hopefuls, with people recreating dresses, giving fashion tips, repurposing old clothes, etc. 

Angus Kirkby, a young, flamboyant, and unbound designer from England is a brilliant example of youngsters who explored their interest in the field of fashion, went on to make a brand, and made a footprint in the market. Having grown up moving to and fro between London and Shanghai, he interestingly saw how British and Chinese fashion could meet. Having exposed himself to the arts, he knew he had a knack for it. At age 16, he left school to study photography but then left that as well, only to do a course in makeup artistry. Realizing how much he enjoyed doing that, he pursued fashion design at one of the leading fashion schools in the world, Instituto Marangoni, at their Shanghai campus since his family was settled in the city as well and London. His strong portfolio was enough to earn him a spot at the institute. 

Pretty early on into becoming a fashion designer, Angus was lucky enough to style celebrities at distinguished events like Cannes Film Festival and Paris Couture Week, and also had the chance to do Paris Hilton’s makeup for an event, at the age of 19! Funnily enough, he happened to be wearing one of his designs when meeting her and immediately got acknowledged by her for how fashion-forward it was! We are not sure how many other budding fashion designers have the chance to say that Paris Hilton was the first person to own one of their designs, but Angus Kirkby sure can!

Not much later, Angus started his self-titled brand to make made to measure, bespoke, unique, and contemporary articles for high-profile people. Based in London but earning clients from all around the world because of his fresh work, Angus was able to launch himself into the industry from very early on. Not only was his work distinguished, but it had a touch of young ideas and talent that drew a lot of people to his brand.

His designs, final pieces, mood boards, and inspirational pictures are all up on his Instagram (@anguskirkbyworld) for his followers and people interested in his work to see. Angus visibly has a preferred color palette and aesthetic that he usually opts for, yet also has the flair that a 24-year-old, fresh designer bursting with ideas would have. 


Angus loves opting for a palette of pinks, blues, creams, and silver shades. His collection named “consuelo” was interestingly inspired by Consuelo Vanderbilt, who was the 9th Duchess of Marlborough. Going back to how he bridged British and Chinese fashion, for this collection, he used Chinese silk as the main material and included velvet coated corset bones. This collection was the embodiment of his vision, and he succeeded in doing so beautifully. 

Angus’ ready-to-wear collection will release in this year and will be announced on his Instagram, so be sure to follow so you don’t miss out on any updates regarding the gorgeous articles! 

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