Amir Youssef (@dr.amiryoussef)


Amir Youssef Kamel Ibrahim is a certified nutritionist based in Cairo, Egypt who received his medical degree from Ain Shams University. He is a passionate young gentleman who puts his best in everything he does, all the while aiming to inspire others through his journey. Aside from pursuing medicine, he also acts as a social media influencer and a model. Amir is a very enthusiastic person when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He wants people around him to be influenced by his habits and encourages them to take care of their well being. Despite juggling three careers, Amir remains highly positive and empathetic towards people he comes across, making sure to help those in need whenever and wherever.

A clinical nutritionist is someone who keeps in check what their patients are consuming and whether it is providing them with the correct nutrients or not. After analyzing their regular diets a clinical nutritionist will determine if the habits are beneficial and if not a diet plan will be formulated and advised according to the patient’s history and daily routine to prevent potential diseases. Similarly, Dr. Amir provides consultation to his clients and gives them guidance on how to keep fit and active through proper nutritional therapy. The comfort and well being of his patients is his topmost priority and hence tries his best to provide with the most legitimate and beneficial information possible.


Amir Youssef has an extremely busy and lively life where he practices as a doctor, influencer, and model. Due to his incredibly maintained body and dashing looks, it comes as no surprise that he has various contracts with modeling agencies. From flexing his buff body to sharing authentic medical advice, he does it all. Amir is a very well rounded individual, who worked very hard to get where he is now. Due to the dedication, Youssef has been able to garner more than four hundred and sixteen thousand followers on his Instagram, through which he shares tips and tricks to maintain an active and athletic routine. He even provides his followers with medical advice whenever approached, and is never hesitant to help out people.

 One of the main reasons why the young doctor wants to get verified is because of impersonations of him all over the internet which has greatly affected his reputation. These ‘fake’ individuals spread wrong information to people potentially causing them great harm. Since patient wellbeing is very important to Dr. Amir, he cannot stand the misinformation being spread that is hurting people and thus harming his name as a qualified clinical nutritionist. Youssef narrates one incident where he confronted an impersonator for benefiting from his name, instead of admitting to the mistakes the impersonator told the doctor to delete his account instead. This misdemeanor not only goes against Dr. Amir’s values but has also proved to be disadvantageous to people residing for information with the wrong person.

One might think that Amir Youssef’s achievements end here but the above-mentioned accomplishments are just the tip of the iceberg of what he truly has attained. Being a sports enthusiast as evident by his social media, Amir has participated in various sports such as karate, football, and judo to name a few. His dedication enabled him to be the world champion of the under 21 karate championship once, he also has played in five football clubs in Egypt, won thirty-eight medals in karate, three medals in handball, four in judo and finally two in swimming. His impressive list of achievements shows the amount of hard work he puts in everything he does and never gives up until he has achieved his goals.

Youssef is a very family-oriented man and credits his success to his family and a beloved wife who always supported him throughout his journey. He tells his followers to be strong and enthusiastic about every step they take towards their success. Through his story, he hopes to inspire others to aim as high as he did and achieve big things in life.

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