Tristan Kerr (@ch3shire)


Nowadays it feels like the creative arts, more specifically, the music industry, has diverged from the path of doing justice to the music, and instead has turned into a quick money-making scheme. Honest and sincere music artists are trapped under the enormous weight of record labels and corporations – who only care to increase their yearly revenues rather than an uplift society with innovative sounds and feel-good tracks. These corporations only want their signed artists/producers to produce sounds according to the firms’ liking, rather than create what these individuals want for themselves. This is ever the more reason why independent music creators are on the rise, as their music protrudes a clear sense of authenticity and personalization.

The Canadian Tristan Kerr, or predominantly known by his stage name of Ch3shire, is one of these independent music producers, who aims to create authentic music that is true to himself. This has worked very well for him, as now Ch3shire is a prominent and up-and-coming producer, with beloved fans who enjoy all of his Electronic music. He has been given the title “Toronto’s Underground Sensation” by adoring fans and intrigued media. he has also been recognized by elite and industry-leading music producers like Martin Garrix for his extremely unique and energy-filled music. 

Having started producing music at age 21 and now being only 24 years old, Tristan has already amassed great success and recognition for his music. He details how music was always a part of him, even in childhood, as every morning his father would play old Bob Marley songs while washing his car, thus, Tristan developed a strong affinity with music and art in general. In his adolescence, Ch3shire began to expand this affinity even more by traveling across cities to the Royal Ontario Museum and Art Gallery of Ontario, and also attend events to experience performances of artists that inspired him like deadmau5, and The Glitch Mob, whenever he got the chance. 

Ch3shire highlights two key things that drew him down his current career path. One is how he was enamored by artists who meld together auditory as well as visual performances – to create an experience that interacted with and excited numerous senses of audience members. The second relates to when he attended his first music festival in Toronto called TD Echo Beach at age 18, where he saw the EDM duo “DVBBS” headline. Ch3shire felt an energy in the crowd unlike any other feeling, he then looked onto the DJ booth and realized at that point that music seemed to connect everyone there in such a way that changed his life overnight. Ever since then, Tristan knew that this was the only career path meant for him. 

While recounting a pleasant memory, Tristan details how in his first year of production he would only get around 10 online streams of his songs every week, until one day he woke up to the absolute surprise that Martin Garrix – a leading music producer with a huge online following and global recognition – had shared on of Tristan’s songs on social media. This blew up Tristan’s Spotify overnight. He went from 13 people listening to his Spotify music every month, to 40,000 new listeners in less than a week! People had started to realize the truly unique and one of a kind quality of Ch3shire’s music and started to anticipate when he would release new songs. 

In regards to his music, Ch3shire has released multiple EPs including his EPs titled Glitch, VR, and Sleazy, the latter being his which most recent release in 2019. His music takes the listener on a rhymical journey with ground shaking bass and energy buzzing throughout his songs. He does this without the need for vocals in most of his music, leaving the listener fully entranced in his work. It is without a doubt that Ch3shire has developed a sound unlike any other, and on this, he says “I never wanted to be just a name slapped on a cool song… I wanted [listeners] to always be able to pick [my music] out of a mix and know that’s a CH3SHIRE track”. 

Tristan is also an avid social media user. His Instagram, with over 3.1k followers, is filled with attractive and stylized images of him. They have almost a vintage or retro vibe to them, creating a very aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed. It is clear Ch3shire is on a steady and upwards path to fame and success in music production. To continue to follow along with the rising star, it is advised to follow his social media – with the links provided below:

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  3. Facebook:

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