Tides & Tailwinds (@tidesandtailwinds)


Laura Cole is the founder of Tides And Tale Winds; a career guidance program for people interested in working for services on superyachts or private jets. There is no other learning platform in the world regarding this niche industry that caters to well off clients that live a luxurious life that is filled with private traveling. Tides And Tale Winds is a complete guideline for people who want to invest in this career. It helps people get a boost in contacts and receive sufficient training that can lead to being a strong candidate for jobs in the industry. The Yacht and jet industry is not well known, thus this platform grants a headstart in the job market. Tides And Tale Winds is not a job placement agency, but a place for extensive career counseling and abundant resources that aid people who want to have a career in the life of luxury travel. The website gives a variety of information in detail about the work including job offers, training manuals, resume, interview, career guidance, compensation expectations, and much more. If you are curious about this prospect, then visit the website and check out the bundle of offers they provide ( https://www.tidesandtailwinds.com/).

Laura Cole established this program after years of expertise in luxury services. It all began with how Laura joined this closed-off industry. She grew up in a compact town filled with energy to see the world and travel yet still in wonder about how this expensive dream can become a reality. The first introduction Laura had with this industry is during her college spring trip to the Caribbean. She met a couple of yacht crew members who were traveling all around the world, meeting unknown people, and exploring unique cultures. All of this was due to their job, and its exquisite services. This meeting allowed Laura to seek more information and research on this niche job. However, Laura continued her studies, graduated, and started her way into the corporate industry. After a few years, she came back to the yacht service, as her empty and limited experience with other jobs made her see the true purpose in life. She wanted to see the world and expand her knowledge of the diverse universe. This realization led Laura to join the yacht as a worker and cruise to multiple places such as the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and New England. Eventually, with enough hard work, she upgraded her position as a chief stew on a charter yacht. Her skills refined with time, and this opened other opportunities in her way to success.

The private jet is another means of affluent travel. Laura found out about their services and the workers who get to travel by air accompanying the customers to their destination. This job, like the cruise, leads a person to various places around the world. A former crewmate advised Laura to apply for the private job as it would enable her career to reach its true potential and achieve many goals. There were also more perks to this sector; a house to live between the trips and a more sense of personal freedom. The workers were allowed to explore the places on their own, which further improved their experience of visiting new cities. She started training sessions for the job and in a few months was eligible for hire in the private jet industry. Laura, to this day, works as a flight attendant for “Very Important Persons” and is still in love with the job.

Laura Cole, an amazing woman who saw what she wanted her life to look like, and spent every day trying to achieve it. She has built this website to guide people just like her and spread information to make people more aware of the choices they have in life. Laura could not have set her career as a traveler if she was not exposed to the yacht crew. She wants to bring that exposure to others across the world, and Tides And Tale Winds’ purpose is to fulfill that dream. There is no other guidance offered as yet for people to reach these niche careers. This website is the first bridge that joins the Jet and Yacht industry to potential candidates all around the world. It gives them a choice, a career path, and knowledge that can change their entire lives. You can reach Tides And Tale Wind’s Instagram account for more questions regarding these industries. Just type in tidesandtailwinds on the search bar and see a life full of traveling and adventures every day.

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