Simon Mayhew (@collectiveagts)


When we think of the film industry, the names that come to mind are the big hits like Johnny Depp, Tom hanks, Leo DeCaprio, and RDJ, the people who have their names on billboards, the ones who have millions of followers and billions of dollars to back that fame. Once every few years, a new actor or actress makes it in the elite list as one of the top dogs and gains a loyal following and it soon feels like they’ve been there all along. What we don’t realize or remember is the journey that that actor or actress had to go through to get to that spot. How they worked in so many minor roles, took every small gig they got in theatres and went through so many agencies to begin ascending that ladder that leads them to have that one shot that puts them in the big spotlight. 

It has been more than half a year since this pandemic hit the world and it has quite visibly affected a lot of businesses and industries and one of the industries that have taken a big hit is the theatre industry that relies on its daily audience to help propel hundreds of talented people to get their shot in making their place in the career they gave their everything to. With the world being in lockdown and people not being able to indulge in the few hours of happiness that these aspiring people work hard to provide, so many individuals are now struggling to further their career that has essentially come to a standstill.

One such individual, Simon Mayhew spent most of his life training for theater. He dedicated his entire childhood and youth to getting comfortable in the performing arts. He decided to train as a dancer and after spending time on the stage, decided to take his experience and work on helping other aspiring actors and performers. He became an agent to help make the way easier for others as well as stay affiliated with the world he had loved all his life. This way he could dedicate himself to the newcomers as well as continue to enjoy the contentment musical theater brought him. However, when life came at a halt for him during the pandemic he realized the full potential of it. He wasn’t the only one suffering because of it and he knew those in his agency would suffer from it and decided to think of a strategy to work through it.

This is why 5 top agencies have come together to build a platform that is designed to help actors all over the world by representing the top talents so many countries have to offer but are going to waste due to the world being on pause. The theatre industry has been the starting point of so many successful actors. Lin Manuel Miranda, Anna Kendrick, Robert Pattinson, all have affiliations to the theatre and have successfully enchanted thousands of people with their vibrant performances. The people that this agency has brought together and is representing has as much potential if not more, of bewitching their audience with their flawless presentations.

These aspiring performers already have a hard journey ahead of themselves and with the sudden drop in their demands, they now have to go to huge lengths to utilize this time to make any progress in their careers and cultivate their skills. The agencies that have come together consist of actors, performers, as well as a voice-over agency, a Broadway agency, and an agency from Australia. All of their members are seasoned performers who have earned their place and deserve to get through this situation with ease. The performers have been affiliated with famous productions including the new Wonder-woman, the 1984 films as well as famous shows on the West End and Broadway. The main issue the agencies are facing is how to introduce themselves to the world adequately, and for that, they have formulated the Instagram account @CollectiveAgts which they hope will receive the verified status soon!

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